The Play Couch Sofa for all homes!

The Play Couch Sofa for all homes!

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The Funsquare Play Couch Sofa is making its name in homes all across Australia, with both parents and kids alike falling in love. 

It’s Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made kids play couch, designed with kids in mind, made fun and easy for parents too. Our priority is to create great quality products that are both safe and multi-FUNctional. It’s not just a super comfortable play sofa or an open-ended play toy, but both. 

But the best part about the Funsquare Play Couch Sofa is that its versatility makes it perfect for all homes, all aesthetics, and all purposes. Here’s why!

Perfect for all sized homes and spaces

The Funsquare Play Couch Sofa is great for homes of all sizes and spaces - just look at how easily it converts to fit into this little nook!


The Funsquare Play Couch Sofa was designed with kids' play in mind, but it doesn’t end there. The great part of this modular play sofa is that its versatility makes it ideal for any room. Though it’s becoming a renowned playroom addition, it’s also a great addition to the living room, as the main couch for the family. 

The Thick Base foam has been designed with the optimal density and hardness ratio to provide the best support for your couch set, and the thin base is exactly half the thickness of the Thick Base to create a more flexible couch set for creative and comfortable use. 

The materials are the perfect amount of soft and kind to little ones’ skin, but they are also durable and dependable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. The materials were designed to make this set last for years to come - giving you unbeatable value, peace of mind, and proving that even the biggest adult can enjoy this couch. 

It’s proven to be so comfortable and supportive that some parents are turning to it to alleviate their back pain and kids are able to snuggle up on it after a poor night's sleep or bad dream. 

“We have had this playcouch for more than a month now and it just keeps adding value! Not only do the kids love building and playacting with it, my husband has found that sleeping on it helped his sprained back, because he says it's just the right amount of firm and give. Even my son asks if he can sleep in the living room because it helps him fall asleep quicker to sleep on the thick base.

- Sharon

More so, because this Play Couch Sofa can be rearranged into any set up, it is easy to accommodate this addition into any home, flat, or studio. It also cancels out the usual issue associated with new toys for kids: you don’t need to find space in the toy box for this beauty! It’ll stand alone perfectly and offer comfort and use, even when play isn’t on the top of mind. 

“We live in an apartment without a ton of space, so we replaced our couch with two sets of Funsquare play couches and are so glad we did! Our little one loves playing with itt everyday.”

- Emily R

Great for adding a touch of style to any room

The Funquare Play Couch Sofa comes with the option to customise, so you can create your own design perfect for the aesthetic of your home and the development of your kids minds


Parents are falling in love with the Funsquare Play Couch Sofa because it doesn’t just take up space, it complements it. 

There are 14 fabric colours to mix and match on this Play Couch Sofa and we’ve made it all the more exciting with our exclusive customisation app. It makes it easy for you to design the perfect play couch for you so that it matches your interior and adds the kind of pop of colour that is beneficial for development and mood for both kids and adults. 

But we have to admit … parents are falling in love with how FUN we’ve made this customisation process! It doesn’t just give them control over the style, but gives them a way to play before the buying process even begins!

The customise platform is amazing. Process was simple, straightforward and lots of fun! Took only 1 week for the Funsquare to arrive. The couch bounced back straight away and my son loves it!”

- Caitlin 

Ideal for the whole family to use (and love)

The Funsquare Play Couch Sofa is soft and gentle enough for kids to use, but perfectly dependable for the whole family to find comfort and style


Kids love the Funsquare Play Couch Sofa because it’s theirs. They can make as many creations as they like and no one will boss them to put the cushions back on the sofa. They love that it provides a comfy nook to read a book with mum and dad, a sleepover bed for the school holidays, and can even transform into an indoor obstacle course

They love it no matter how old or “cool” they become. From newborns to teenagers all the way to adulthood: the Funsquare Play Couch Sofa can follow them through all stages of life. 

And parents love this Play Couch Sofa for a number of reasons. 

They’re ideal for tiring the kids out, keeping them off their phones, developing their brains and physical skills, but they’re also stylish in the home, provide comfort the whole family will love, and the customisation platform is oh-so-fun for them too! 
This couch is the perfect all-rounder, designed for years to come. If you’re considering bringing this playroom addition home for your little ones, want a new family couch that ticks all the boxes, or just want to learn more about how the Funsquare Play Couch Sofa can elevate your living, check out the full details here.