How to build an indoor obstacle course with a Funsquare Play Couch

How to build an indoor obstacle course with a Funsquare Play Couch

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We absolutely love hearing about all the many builds kids are creating with our Funsquare Play CouchFrom tents, to princess castles, to cuddle spaces, all the way to high-intensity obstacle courses - there’s nothing more exciting than limitless playing potential. 

But if you’re wondering how to build the best indoor obstacle course for your kids using our play sofa? We’ve got the read for you!


Is it safe to let your kids jump on the play couch?

Before we launch into the how to, we figure it’s important to cover a little safety briefing. 

The most common question we get involving our Funsquare kids Play Couches is whether or not it’s actually safe to let your kids play and jump on them. Most of us grew up with the age-old saying “Don’t jump on the couch!” and we can definitely hear our Mum’s voice in our heads every time our kids do the same… 

But it’s completely safe to jump on our soft play couches, especially if you have the additional Crash Pad or Cloud Mat as an added security blanket in case of accidental falls. We’ve also made sure that our play couches are safe to move around - their modular design consists of small, lightweight maneuverable pieces that will never squash little ones. 

While we agree that children need to be taught to “respect the furniture in their home” we believe that having an additional play couch - entirely for their own use - gives them a sense of responsibility in their own belongings. And it also provides a safe environment for them to develop their motor skills, expand their sensory experience and really let loose! 

We figure: focus on boundaries on the family couch, not the kids’ play couch!

“Absolutely love these pieces. The quality is amazing and I love how easy they are to clean. They are loved by my 5,7 and 8 year old.”
- Elizabeth
“We absolutely love playing on the couch, and it's also a nice comfy spot for me to sit and watch while the little one plays. I can see how this will be such a valuable addition to our play space for years to come.
- Emily


Will your Funsquare play sofa get damaged in all this fun?

Another reason why you shouldn’t be concerned about your kids jumping on this play couch: they’re built to last. 

Unlike most other couches and sofas, our kids play couch is designed with kids' play in mind. They’re made from a strong, durable and incredibly comfortable microsuede fabric, with a thick base foam designed with optimal density and hardness ratio to provide an incredible bounce back. They’re the perfect base for an indoor obstacle course for your kids, undoubtedly!

“The couch bounced back straight away and my son loves it!”

- Caitilin

“We absolutely love our Funsquare. I want to replace all our furniture with it. It’s nice and firm and sturdy. It makes the perfect spot to put down our 8 months old daughter and it’s great for getting down to play with the kids. We also love building different structures for our 4 yo son. Great quality and so easy to clean. Highly recommend!”

- Marian


Addons to pair with your Funsquare play couch for an amazing obstacle course

We’ve covered all your safety briefings and now it’s time to talk obstacle courses! Here’s what customers are loving alongside our Funsquare play couch for the perfect playtime indoors:

Though your kids will have no trouble making an amazing obstacle course with just the play couch alone…


The simple slide can still make for a gorgeous obstacle course idea, with just a Funsquare play couch and their imagination!


“Regardless of how it’s used, it’s the best way to tire our two toddler energy machines out for bed and my family couldn’t be more thankful.  Well worth the investment and such a great colour!”
- Ashlee
“Our 2 year loves it. Climbing, falling, hiding, building, playing. He plays with it all day, every day. It is easy to clean, easy to move around and easy to pack up. Highly recommended.”
- Cassi


Funsquare indoor obstacle course ideas

Now’s the fun part! Here are our favourite ways to incorporate a Funsquare multiFUNctional play couch into an indoor obstacle course for kids:

Indoor obstacle course idea #1

Combine a folding slope with a play couch or a play pit for a super fun obstacle course (that's also perfect for those moments they want to curl up like possums and hide!)

This first idea is one of our favourites for multi-level use. Set up this obstacle course with just a Play Couch and/or Play Pitcombined with some Folding Slopes to make for a setup that’ll have them bouncing around in no time. We also see that they’ve incorporated this course alongside their regular couch - good thinking!

The best part of this setup is that it’ll still accommodate them when their energy levels start crashing - those little pits seem quite a nice space to curl up like possums for quiet time, don’t they?


Indoor obstacle course idea #2

Combine all the features of the Funsquare play couch for an indoor obstacle course they'll love!


Alright, this second build is a bit more on the unique side - but we still love the play potential all the same. Extra points for imagination right?

This obstacle course only requires one Funsquare Australian-made Play Couch, and all you’ll need to do is arrange it as such in the photo, with the trapezoid cushions wedged between the folds of each couch cushion to splay it out like some kind of couch monster. 

Though it definitely seems eccentric, it’s a great way to build those motor skills, and will challenge kids a little more than the regular obstacle course. Plus, if you’re limited to just one play couch, this challenge means your kids will complete the course a little slower, while still burning out their energy.

We definitely recommend it as an advanced-level obstacle course once you’ve tried all the others out! 


Indoor obstacle course idea #3

We love this Funsquare obstacle course - and how they've gone the extra mile to create something truly magical!


This Funsquare indoor obstacle course is for those looking for next-level fun. Using the Play PitFolding SlopesPlay Couch and additional addons, this super-fun obstacle course will have them jumping for joy in no time. Even if you don’t have those wooden slopes and climbing courses! (We’d recommend grabbing a few more slopes instead!)

Indoor obstacle course idea #4

Our final indoor obstacle course idea is a little different, but we couldn’t resist putting it on this list. Using our Crash Pads and a few stray cushions, these kids have created an obstacle course that made Mum and Dad really happy!

Just check out how much fun they had:



It may not include the fun couch, but we figure it’s a little bit of inspiration for those who haven’t yet fully committed to one. Or just those who need a way to tire their kids out… quickly!

And that’s a wrap on our indoor obstacle course ideas! But don’t limit yourself to these creations alone: we designed our kids' play couches to be limitless in their playing potential, meaning there’s no end to arrangements you can use.

We hope this guide helped settle your worries and give you inspiration on how to build an indoor obstacle course - so you can keep those kids busy in rain, hail, or shine!


If you’re considering investing in open-ended play for your little ones, check out our Funsquare Play Couch and full range today. 

“We are IN LOVE with our Funsquare play couch! Would highly highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about it! I can’t believe we didn’t get one sooner 🙈 10/10 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼”

- Caitlin 

“Well worth the investment and such a great colour!”

- Ashlee