The Australian Made, Fully Customisable Kids' Play Couch

The Australian Made, Fully Customisable Kids' Play Couch

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Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable kids’ play couch, but did you know they’re also Aussie made, owned and loved?

It’s a big part of why families can’t get enough of Funsquare kids’ play couches, from the high-quality materials required by Australian standards, the ability to support the local economy, and everything in between. 

Want to learn more about the Australian made aspect of our best-selling kids’ play couch? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Australian materials, for strict Australian standards

One of the standout features of Funsquare’s furniture range - namely for our best-selling kids’ play couch? Our commitment to using locally sourced materials. From the child-friendly, yet durable fabrics, to the high-quality foam, everything is chosen to keep in mind quality, sustainability and environmental impact. 

Our mission is to bring good quality, interactive and multifunctional Australian-made kids toys to families across Australia, and by developing our materials down under, everything we put out is assured to comply with the strict quality standards in Australia. 

The foam we use in our kids’ play couches and other kids’ playroom furniture is made using Australian Standards and is Certified GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing and Development Institute). And especially when it comes to your kids, you can never be too safe … 

This foam is durable, dependable, but still soft and kind to little ones’ skin (and SUPER easy for them to move about for limitless creation).


Look how easy it is to manoeuvre these kid play couches, while still being super dependable


It’s the same foam that’s widely used across Australia - as in Hospitals, ICU, Aged Care, Home Care, baby cots & mattresses and so much more!

In fact, we’re so sure of the quality of our Australian-made materials that we offer a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. Because we’re certain you’ll love our Funsquare as much as we do!

“A great addition to our Funsquare play couch. Fantastic quality like all the Funsquare pieces. Very sturdy and handy for making lots of different builds. Definitely recommend

~ Hayley

Best environmental impact (for their bright future)

When it comes to investing in play materials for your little one, sustainability really does make a difference. We want to make sure that the future they have to look forward to is as bright as possible, right?

That’s why our foam is made from 100% Polyurethane and manufactured locally in Australia using the highest quality production method. The foam is infused with an environmentally friendly solution during the process to provide persistent antibacterial odour protection as well as mould and mildew resistance - while still giving you the assurance that every inch of your Funsquare play couch is beneficial to your little ones present AND their future too.


An Australian made kids play couch will ensure brightness for their present and futur


Plus, when you think about how little transport is required for locally-made products … it really does make a great difference to the sustainability and dependability of your purchase. 


“We are IN LOVE with our funsquare play couch! Would highly highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about it! I can’t believe we didn’t get one sooner”

~ Caitlin

Seamless delivery and service

One of the best parts about Funsquare being the Australian-made best-selling kids’ play couch? You can rest assured delivery to your location down under is an absolute breeze!

You won’t have to wait for delivery from overseas, or any of those unnecessary holdups, can rest assured it’ll be taken care of by trusted Australian couriers, and you can even enjoy FREE shipping Australia wide for all orders over $249!

(Psst! That means any purchase of a kids’ play couch comes with FREE delivery! Maybe you can grab another cheap addon with those bonus funds … )

But you’ll also be able to enjoy and put your trust in a team that actually cares about every single step of the process and is ready to help with anything you need. There’s a reason we get so many good reviews … 

And it’s not just your everyday customer service, we go to the next mile to make sure that everything is made as accessible and beneficial as possible. Like offering a kids’ play couch through NDIS funding. Because it really is the little things that make a difference at the end of the day.


This Australian made kids play couch will have no trouble bringing smiles to everyones face


“Delivery was so fast and the colours are beautiful. We absolutely love playing on the couch, and it's also a nice comfy spot for me to sit and watch while the little one plays. I can see how this will be such a valuable addition to our play space for years to come.” 

~ Emily

Funsquare: Australia’s first fully customisable kids’ play couch (and why your Aussie kids will LOVE them!)

There’s a reason Aussie parents can’t get enough of Funsquare kids’ play couches. But it’s not just because of our Australian-made benefits. 

Parents love the ease of our full customisation process – and how FUN it makes the process for them too – but they also enjoy the open-ended benefits, the safety and security of our play couches, our Happiness Guarantee, the limitless ways to play, the many brilliant addons to extend the fun, and everything else in between.


Shop Australia’s first fully customisable kids’ play couch today


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“The customise platform is amazing. Process was simple, straightforward and with lots of fun! Took only 1 week for the Funsquare to arrive. The couch bounced back straight away and my son loves it!”

~ Caitlin