Kids Couch
Kids Couch

Creativity + Imagination

Funsquare Play Sofas are designed with little (and big) kids in mind to encourage interactive learning through open ended play. Super comfy and with the perfect amount of bounce, we’re making playtime fun again, one little human at a time! 

Kids love our sofas for the endless adventures and possibilities. Build your own tree house, race a racing car or jump through crocodile infested lava pools, all in the comfort of your own home.

Play Furniture For Toddlers
Kids Furniture

Communication + Emotional

There is no limit to how our sofas can be used for playtime, and we get it, there is a lot of playtime!

Play based learning helps kids recognise and express emotional and social skills, such as cooperation, empathy and appreciation of others‘ feelings. Fantastic furniture for the Kids Bedroom!

Movement + Cognitive

Is it a toy? Is it furniture? Why not both! Made with the highest quality foam and with endless configuration possibilities, our sofas are multifunctional and can be used for sitting, playing, jumping and all-round fun-ing!

For the extra little kids, our sofas are perfect for early cognitive development skills such as standing, crawling, pull to stand and other sensory experiences.

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