Funsquare® Cylinder Pillow Set

Funsquare® Cylinder Pillow Set

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Funsquare® Cylinder Pillow Set

Funsquare® Cylinder Pillow Set

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Our cylinder cushions are one of our most exciting additions to the standard kid’s playroom couch set.

Use them as wheels on a race car, become a gladiator warrior or use them as columns to support your royal palace!

The imagination of your kids is endless - so you can guarantee they’ll love our versatile, soft and cuddly cylinder cushions!

Product dimensions:  2 x Cylinder Pillows (80cm x 20cm) 


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💙 30 Day Happiness Guarantee -Love it or return it

💙 30 Day Happiness Guarantee -Love it or return it

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Different Combinations


What makes Funsquare so special?

With over 1000 different combinations and setups, Funsquare offers unparalleled flexibility and endless play opportunities for your child. Our user-friendly customiser allows you to visualize and create your perfect play couch set even before placing an order, ensuring it meets your specific needs and preferences.

Check out some fun scenes and combinations kids like yours have put together.

As parents we understand
Safety Comes First

We’re proud to say we work heavily on ensuring our children and your’s safety. Here are some of the certifications we currently hold.

  • GECA Good Environment Choice Australia Certification

  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 - Our products have been successfully tested for harmful substances and awarded the STANDARD 100 label for clear and efficient customer communication.

  • AFRDI - Australiasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute


Are cylinder shaped pillows too heavy for kids?

No, Funsquare® cylinder shaped pillows are the perfect size, shape and weight for kids. When designing our cylinder cushions, we’ve made sure to achieve the perfect dimensions that allow kids to play, build and relax with ease.The product dimensions of our cylinder pillows are 80cm x 20cm, meaning they’re the perfect size and never too heavy for little ones.

Are cylinder cushions washable?

Yes, Funsquare® cylinder pillows are made from stain-resistant materials and designed to be washed with ease.

The best way to clean your cylinder pillow covers is to wash them inside out and zipped up with cold water.

You could do this by hand or in your washing machine. Allow to drip dry and this technique should remove any dirt and stains.

For further details, check the washing instructions on your fabric tag, and feel free to contact our team for advice on maintaining your cylinder pillows.

How do I order the cylinder cushion?

Funsquare® cylinder cushions are available for purchase online. Check out our online store to explore our selection of pillow sets, choose your ideal shapes and sizes and explore our many colours available.

Once you’ve selected the cylinder cushion that will suit your playroom best, simply place your order.

Shipping is available across Australia for just $40 flat rate. If you have special delivery requests for your cylinder cushion then simply contact the Funsquare® team today.