3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Funsquare Cloud Mat

3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Funsquare Cloud Mat

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Cloud Mats are playroom staples that are gaining popularity across Australia and the world. Otherwise known as Play Mats, these padded, soft and snuggly mats offer the perfect solution for play made safe. 

They’ll give you extra peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your children playing, and they’re also great as a stand alone piece to introduce comfort to any room of the house. They’re great for all ages, sizes and homes and there’s no wonder so many people are falling in love with these Tatami-style mats!

If you’re on the fence on whether or not to invest in this playroom addition, here are 3 simple reasons why your child needs a Cloud Mat in their life!



1. Peace of mind when they play 

The best part about a Funsquare Cloud Mat is that they’re the perfect safety net during indoor play. 

We all know how adventurous little ones can be, and the worry associated with physical play can be real! The wailing of injury is something we all know too well… But we know how important physical play is to their learning, and how easy it makes putting them to bed at night. 

A Cloud Mat is the perfect solution. 

If you want to put your 6 month old down for a chance to grab and explore their motor skills? Pop them on a Cloud Mat! If you want a safe base where your young kids can practise their building skills on a high-quality couch fort? Use a Cloud Mat. If your kids want to show you their awesome skills with yoga/gymnastics? Get them to do it on the Cloud Mat. 

They’re designed with kid’s play in mind so we’ve made them durable, dependance and resistant to wear and tear. They’ll last for years to come, giving you unbeatable value and true peace of mind. 

A Cloud Mat will even cover you if you’re worried about spills! We’ve made our mats spill and stain resistant and oh-so-easy to clean, so your little ones can have a safe space to learn about messes (and how NOT to make them in future). 

Just look how perfectly this Cloud Mat has been utilised as a soft base for a play setting! At first glance, you wouldn’t even think it any different than a stylish carpet. How versatile!


This Cloud Mat has been utilised as multifunctional play base that would pass as a carpet!


“My boys have tested the mat from all heights and love it. They love the texture, so I often find them lying on the mat. It's also a great sound barrier for falling blocks/tiles and kids.”
“We absolutely love this mat! It’s perfect for my kids to play in and absolutely perfect for my 6 month old to learn how to sit up and crawl on! Once it was out of the box and unrolled it expanded very quickly, and is nice and cushy!”
- Dakota

2. A safe and comfortable space of their own

Cloud Mats are about more than boisterous play, they’re also perfect for relaxation time too.


A Cloud Mat is a comfortable and safe space to call their own, whether they want to read a book or cuddle up on it for naptime.


Funsquare Cloud Mats are made from 30mm premium quality high density foam, and all of the materials used are soft and kind to little ones’ skin. They’re super comfortable and act as the perfect surface for kids to cuddle up on to read a book, have a nap (or even accommodate a sleepover), or facilitate a space for babies and parents to sit comfortably together. 

It also offers kids their very own space. Even if you don’t have a playroom, you can set this mat up in the lounge room and give kids their own designated space for play, hanging out, and learning. It can help give kids a sense of belonging and independence. 


“This was perfect for us.. so soft and squishy! It's the kids' new favourite go-to place when they want a snuggle - they just roll around on it!”
“We purchased the large cloud mat and love love love how big and soft and comfortable it is! The colour is so so relaxing as well. Very happy with our buy!”
- Hennley

3. Colours to stimulate kids brains

Bright colours have been proven to stimulate the brain and help boost memory. 

Psychologists have found that colour is linked to brain development, decreased absenteeism, enhanced productivity and smooth transition from childhood to adulthood. The brain actually releases a hormone affecting emotions, mind clarity and energy levels in the process of colour being transmitted from the eye to the brain. 

Yeah - we know our stuff when it comes to colour and kids development at Funsquare. We even wrote a whole blog on The Benefits of Colour hereBut what does that have to do with a Cloud Mat?

Well, we’ve made sure our Cloud Mats are available in the kind of stunning and vibrant colours that make a real difference for your little one.

The Funsquare Cloud Mat has four colour options - either style for a neutral home or choose a vibrant colour to boost their development!


We have simple Glacier Grey and Sandy Beige colours - in case you want a style that will work with the interior aesthetic - but we also have two limited edition ombre colours to stimulate their brains. We have a gorgeous Candy Floss, which is a mix of pink and purple, and Bubble Gum, which is a beautiful purple and blue tone. 

These gorgeous colours can be really beneficial to your child’s development in the long run. And coming from something as versatile and useful as a Cloud Mat? It really is the cherry on top. 


“Absolutely stunning mat! The colour is incredible. Super soft and puffed up quickly. My kids love it so much! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
- Maxine
“The Cloud Mat is absolutely beautiful, worth every penny”
- Amanda

But there really are so many reasons to love the Funsquare Cloud Mat. 

They’re also great for pets, wonderful as an alternative attention-grabbing and comfortable carpet, are ideal for combining alongside a Funsquare Play Couch for limitless playing potential, and they even come with FREE shipping across Australia!
If you’re considering investing in the Cloud Mat for your child, explore our incredible range of colours and sizes today.