Limitless Fort-Building, One Play Couch

Limitless Fort-Building, One Play Couch

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What kid doesn’t love a good fort-build every now and then? We at Funsquare understand just how exciting and nurturing this activity really can be. And it’s not just beneficial for children’s development, learning and fun: it’s great for the whole family. But we also know just how frustrating it can be having your couch torn apart week after week, and watching those stains and wear and tear add up… 

Luckily, with a Funsquare play couchyou have limitless potential for fort-building. These play couches were designed with kids' play in mind, so are the perfect blend of safe, secure, long-lasting, easy-to-clean and even easier to put back together!

They’re the perfect addition to any playroom or an ideal alternative to a regular living room couch. If you’re looking for limitless fort-building to tire your little ones out, keep them engaged, and save you the hassle of cleaning? This one play couch can do all of this and more. 

Limitless playing potential guaranteed

We really do mean it when we say limitless fort-building from one play couch. And it’s a big part of why Aussie parents and kids alike are falling in love with Funsquare. The modular design of our play sofa’s means they can act as a couch, a toy, a cubby, a bed, or a fort - with hundreds of different combinations and set ups possible! 

We’ve had customers create forts fit for royalty, like this complex build, which combines the Funsquare play couch with many add ons like these Play Sets:


This Funsquare fort build is fit for royalty, consisting of many parts


We’ve seen simple builds, like the two below which show how easily a Funsquare play couch can transform into multiple forts with just a few slight adjustments:


This fort-build is a super funky way to relax

But the possibilities really are endless! 

“A great addition to our Funsquare play couch. Fantastic quality like all the Funsquare pieces. Very sturdy and handy for making lots of different builds. Definitely recommend.”

- Hayley

“I have wanted to get this for my boys for so long and I’m so glad I finally did, they couldn’t be happier. Keeps them happy and entertained for hours everyday.”

- Erin

Easy to clean with long-lasting qualities

One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to fort-building in your own home? Having to clean up the mess once it’s all over. And that isn’t just the spills or dirt that builds up, we’re talking the mess of pillows and couch cushions, with no clue which goes where, as well as the lumps and bumps left behind after all the play is over. 

Luckily, Funsquare play couches are built so you never have to worry about any kind of clean up again. 

Firstly, Funsquare play couches were designed to be easy to clean, because we know how much that means. They’re made from water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric and only require a quick spot clean. Plus, if you’re extra concerned, we also offer additional waterproof liners to future proof your couch. It’s one of the main features that parents can’t get enough of. 

But you’ll also have no trouble putting this couch back together once all the play is through either. Specifically designed for this kind of set up, it’s easy for you to fold the pieces back in place with just a few simple steps. And, if you’re feeling extra educational, you can even put the responsibility on your little ones. As the job is basic enough, they’ll be able to learn, develop, and enjoy the sense of responsibility that comes with putting it all away after.


The Funsquare play couch is perfect for fort building, designed to be easy to clean in all regards


The materials we use don’t just save you from spills though, they’ve also been carefully tested to pass the highest quality standards. They’re durable, dependable and resistant to wear and tear, but they’re still soft and kind to little one’s skin. So you really can have the best of both worlds when it comes to their play. 

Oh - and did we mention the materials we use also ensure that your couch set will last for years to come? Giving you unbeatable value and true peace of mind. No more lumps and bumps after play is over!


“Absolutely love these pieces. The quality is amazing and I love how easy they are to clean. They are loved by my 5,7 and 8 year old.”

- Elizabeth


“We absolutely love our Funsquare. I want to replace all our furniture with it. It’s nice and firm and sturdy. It makes the perfect spot to put down our 8 months old daughter and it’s great for getting down to play with the kids. We also love building different structures for our 4 yo son. Great quality and so easy to clean. Highly recommend!”

- Marian


Perfectly safe, secure and stable for all ages 

Okay, we know we said cleaning is one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to fort-building. But you know what else is? The injuries your little ones sustain. There’s just nothing worse than letting them get all their energy out on a fort-build, only to hear the desperate cries of a kid that scratched themselves on the zip, fell over, or got a bump on the head from something just a little too heavy. 

But Funsquare has you covered. We really do mean it when we say that these play couches were designed with kids' play in mind, so we understand how important it is to use materials and foams that are safe, secure and stable for children. 

Funsquare couch sets are made from premium quality Australian foam, are low to the ground, and include soft, thick bases. They’re the perfect blend of soft and bouncy while still being sturdy enough to offer comfort and security where needed. The zippers can be tucked away to avoid any unnecessary scratches.

We’ve made sure that they won’t crush your little one - no matter how small and vulnerable they may look! It not only means safety and security, but allows kids of all ages to enjoy this couch, hassle free.


When it comes to the perfect fort building materials, their safety is covered with Funsquare


And when we say kids of all ages … You’d be surprised to know that adults are also enjoying the high-quality materials used. You wouldn’t believe that something so soft and gentle could also be so sturdy and beneficial for your back!


“We have had this playcouch for more than a month now and it just keeps adding value! Not only do the kids love building and playacting with it, my husband has found that sleeping on it helped his sprained back, because he says it's just the right amount of firm and give. Even my son asks if he can sleep in the living room because it helps him fall asleep quicker to sleep on the thick base.”

- Sharon


Plus, if you’re ever a little concerned about falls, we offer enough pieces that you can easily set up one of our bases as a fall mat, or even invest in our best-selling Cloud Mat for added security. 

The Funsquare play couch is the perfect solution to any fort build in the home. These play couches were designed with kids' play in mind, with the perfect blend of safety, security, lifetime value and more. If you’re considering investing in the play couch that makes limitless playing possible? Shop the Funsquare play couch today or explore our full range of pretend play products here