About Us


We started Funsquare because kids need to be able to play safely with kids playroom furniture, while still getting a healthy dose of adventure.

It’s been quite a journey …!

Funsquare Play Sofa concept drawings. How it all started for the development of the ultimate kids furniture!

We poured extensive resources into getting the design right, and sourcing the right materials so that we could proudly make Funsquare in Australia.🦘

Along the way we received incredible feedback from parents who love seeing their kids’ faces light up when their Funsquare arrives … and they also love that, finally, they can take a moment for a coffee by themselves while the kids play!

Funsquare Play Sofa is the ultimate Kids Furniture! Great for open play and creativity, the options are endless!

Our Mission? To bring good quality, interactive and multifunctional Australian-made kids toys to families across Australia.

Here’s how it is turning out so far …

“This has to be hands down the best open ended toy we have purchased! It hasn't been left alone since it came out of the box. I have a 1 and 4 year old and they both are climbing all over, under and jumping on it! I couldn't recommend this more” - Teresa Shields

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