A Play Couch’s Best Friend: The Sensory Pad

A Play Couch’s Best Friend: The Sensory Pad

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Play couches are the ultimate solution to kids' fun and development. Are they a fort? A high-powered vehicle? A high-speed racer? Or just a comfy nook for reading hours? They’re all of that and more. 

But we know that, once you start on the Funsquare journey, it’s a little hard to stop. So if you want to max out the fun in your playroom? It’s time to meet the whole Funsquare family, and discover why a sensory pad is the very best friend of our play couches (and why they’ll be the next favourite in your home). 


Why are sensory pads so important? What are they?

Sensory pads (otherwise known as sensory mats) are super beneficial for children with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or any sensorimotor dysfunction, which is a big reason we take them so seriously at Funsquare. 

They’re great for development, aiding gross motor skills, coordination and fine motor skills. But they also offer the kind of sensory support for kids that makes a real difference to homes across Australia (and the world!). 

They’re a completely unique sensory experience that allows kids to gain proprioceptive input through activities such as squishing, jumping and crashing; tactile input through rolling and vestibular input too. They provide deep pressure to the leg and knee muscles, which can be highly beneficial for muscle tone, balance and even core strength. 

And they’re an all-round winner in homes across Australia!


Why are sensory pads so important? What are they?


It probably helps that our sensory pads are also made from crumbed premium quality Australian foam and encased in a special fabric liner with super-secure safety zippers that can be easily tucked away and hidden. They’re designed to be soft and kind to little ones’ skin, but still remain durable and dependable, resistant to wear and tear - and you’ll love that the water-resistant fabric is super easy to clean too!

They’re an ideal landing spot, comfy pillow for rest, and they’re even heralded as an ideal fur-baby bed!


The Funsquare favourite sensory pad: the Crash Pad

Ready to meet one of the Funsquare Play Couch’s best friends? Introducing: the Funsquare Crash Pad!

This best-seller is a favourite in homes across Australia, and for good reason too! 

These water resistant Crash Pads were the first sensory pads available at Funsquare, and they’ve made a pretty big name for themselves. They’re the perfect size for kids to curl up with a book and for “crash landings” too!

Honestly, they look like a big giant pillow. We know some kids that can use these babies as an entire bed! Sleepovers, anyone?

They’re available in all 17 of our Funsquare colours (yep, that’s every colour of the rainbow!) and families are finding it so easy to incorporate this gem into their home!

Some are setting them up on top of the play couch for the ultimate cuddle-spot, some are donning them as the final task in their indoor play couch, others are finding them the perfect solution to their corner reading nook. But all of them are finding out just how limitless play really is with a Funsquare Crash Pad (especially alongside their beloved Play Couch!)


The Funsquare Crash Pad is the sensory mat you'll love combining with your Play Couch


“The crash pad has been an awesome addition to our little ones play area and serves the exact purpose we hoped for. She absolutely loves getting cozy on it as much as she loves using it as a ‘crash pad’. We can see her using this for many years ahead!”

~ Rachel


The Funsquare mini sensory pad: the latest Chill Pad

Because we understand exactly how important it is for parents to see their kids thrive, we went a level up. Parents have been falling in love with the Funsquare Crash Pad for so long that we decided it was time to take it a step further, with our latest Chill Pad!

This little gem is the smaller version of our most popular and original Crash Pad. That’s right, it’s just a smaller size pad (that also comes with a super handy travel handle … )


The Chill Pad is best friends with the Play Couch for good reason but so handy for bringing around on its own


It’s perfect for use as a comfy cushion to sit on and read, to transport around to a picnic, or the perfect size for a baby nest, or even a pet bed. They have all the same features as our Crash Pad, available in the same 17 colours, and with the same 30-day Happiness Guarantee too. The only difference in the size and the super handy travel handle that makes this the DREAM travel companion!


“Purchased a crash pad and 3 chill pads to create a comfy and relaxing place for my little ones to read. They love the colours and lounging around in them. They are great quality, very padded but still light enough to move around to different rooms for movies or just jumping around on.” 

~ Natasha


Why the Funsquare Crash Pad + Chill Pad pair beautifully with a Play Couch 

We have so many add ons available at Funsquare, perfect for levelling up a Funsquare Play Couch. But why is it that we ship them with the sensory pads so much? It’s pretty simple. 

Because it gives you the most bang for your buck. 

Of course, we’ll never steer you away from our Play Steps or Play Pits, or the gorgeous new Personalised Dots we can’t get enough of. We love everything we have available at Funsquare, and we mean it. But for families who are trying to make conscious purchases (before going all-in on a complete Funsquare playroom)? 

The Play Couch + sensory pad combo is a favourite for parents across Australia.


The Play Couch + sensory pad combo is a favourite for kids across Australia


Kids are able to enjoy all the benefits of the open-ended play couch, all the abilities to build, create, imagine, and play, as well as all the sensory input and safety provided by the sensory pads. 

But if we’re completely honest? We just know how nice it is to tire those kids out for bed. And there’s nothing like a Play Couch and Crash Pad combo to make it happen!

“My 4 year old loves these crash mats! Has been jumping and smashing out those extra energies, and is much safer than jumping all over the couch, or me!”

Like the idea of investing in the best friend of the best-selling Funsquare Play Couch? Well, now’s your chance to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Play Couch already, you can still enjoy a Crash Pad or Chill Pad. We promise, they’re a ball of a time no matter which way you choose to play. 

Maybe that’s the best part about everything at Funsquare: every single item is already limitless on its own … it’s just about how best you want to do it yourself!

Looking for inspiration? Join our bustling Funsquare Playroom Facebook Group for tips, tricks, and all the insight on how best to enjoy all our multiFUNctional products!

“These have actually way exceeded expectations after ordering! I knew they would be great quality by the other reviews but these are incredible! So much value for money & endless hours of fun.” 

~ Kirsty