8 Colourful Kids Playroom Ideas

8 Colourful Kids Playroom Ideas

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It’s the perfect place for play, inspiration, and development. 

The home of forts, fun, and childhood freedom. 

You know your kids' playroom should be the most colourful and exciting room in the house. 

So, we’ve got the 8 ideas from masters of interior design JUST for you.

1. Bold colour… where it belongs. 

We love a bit of colour here at Funsquare. 

We know bold colours are tough to implement in the playroom. 

ESPECIALLY without making it look messy. 

In this example below, they’ve focused their attention on colour with the big picture items, such as vibrant wall art and carpeting. By combining this with natural colouring on the walls, a neutral shade of grey in the couch, and overall minimalistic design; this space offers subtle but stunning pops of colour. 


Source: Laura U Design Collective

To get the vibe of this designer look AND bring fun, constructive play for your kids, we recommend using our Glacier Grey Sofa Set to nestle into the middle of the room, acting perfectly as a neutral but stimulating couch… perfect for play. 

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White and Bright Delight 

2. Storage savvy and colour-coded. 

Storage and kids are the perfect match, we know. 

So, why limit that in your playroom? 

This example creates a sleek space for storage AND encourages responsibility. By using the “high-school locker” theme, kids are often more engaged and excited by the concept of cleaning up. And it’s a perfect way to combine neutral woods and Natural Whites with sleek pops of colour in the individualised name tags and bench.


Source: Laura U Design Collective

If you’re in need of even more colour? We’d recommend placing our Flame Orange Sofa close to this space to complete the look and bring some active play opportunities into the space. Maybe you could even sneak it into the bench space, if you make it big enough…

Dulux shades to fit this style? Bright Delight and Superstar   

3. The all-purpose studio. 

Not everyone has enough space for a full playroom. 

In this example, they’ve created what is essentially a studio for kids. 

They’ve implemented a storage savvy loft as a means of sharing space between two kids, while still making room for play and colour. They’ve utilised built-in storage in the bed and shelving on either side to establish an efficient space. In adding pops of color in their feature wall and decorations, this loft allows children to manage their room as an all-purpose studio, great for independence and responsibility later in life.

Source: Laura U Design Collective

We think our Azure Blue Play Sofa would look pretty nice on the other side of the wall… or even under the window, for a perfect look. You could also implement our Play Steps as a means of getting about, but only do so carefully and with consideration of your little one’s safety. 

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White, Bright Delight and Northern Sky

4. Kid advised AND budget friendly. 

Asking your kids for help? It’ll yield better results than you’d think. 

In this design example, they’ve effectively created a space PERFECT for their kids. Asking their kids for help in the design process, they’ve stayed very simple, not blowing the budget. But by developing different zones and activities, and placing general attention toward the inspiring blackboard and subtle pops of colour, children are stimulated AND subtly reminded/readied for their school days.

Source: House of Jade

We’d suggest swapping out their simple bean bags for a more unique Funsquare Sofa. We’ve got Glacier Grey AND Rose Pink, but we have a feeling any colour could be effective here… I guess it’s their choice? 

Dulux shades to fit this style? Sea Cliff Quarter and Featherbed Quarter

5. Thematic & colourful design… still subtle. 

Hot tip when working in a kids playroom? 

Don’t get too excited with themes. Subtly add it in, but don’t let it dictate the room. 

It makes it easier to phase out as they go along. 

In this playroom, they’ve implemented a ‘nautical’ theme very impressively. By opting for subtle art work, themed pops of colour in the rug especially and again throughout, this room has mastered creating an exciting space individualised for your little one.

Source: House of Jade 

Our Sandy Beige Play Sofa would actually be perfect instead of these simple bean bags. We think the colour definitely hits the mark… and we know the play and comfort certainly will. It could even be interesting to double up, and either phase out a table or find a space for our Aqua Green Play Steps that might make it a little easier to reach those books, or just play. 

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White, Sea Cliff Quarter and Ashville

6. Embracing ALL types of colour. 

Colour in the playroom still counts if it’s natural. 

It’s probably a little more beneficial to your little one too. 

In this example, they’ve effectively integrated small lifts of colour into their living room/playroom, by keeping the rest of the space open, natural, and neutral. By giving this effect, they’re able to subtly embrace their pops of colour, while still playing into the natural, calming flow of the room. By also implementing a natural picture wall to display creations, this room achieves an incredible flow, encouraging relaxation and stimulating creation.

Source: Laura U Design Collective

Get the perfect look by swapping out their subtle couch with one of our stimulating Play Sofas in absolutely ANY colour (trust us, we’ve looked, they’d all match). We figure you could either play it simple and neutral, OR you could phase in a pop of colour in your FAVOURITE shade… considering options are endless here!

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White and Chocolate Souffle


7. The ultimate art room.

Colour can always provide a purpose. 

But we didn’t realise that, by using it with intention, we can highlight play and creation in a whole new way. 

In this art room, they’ve stayed incredibly neutral. By avoiding excessive colour in anything other than art tools and creations, this room is able to achieve a perfect foundation for creation and play. Kids aren’t distracted by multiple colours, but instead inspired by the knowledge that every colour they see can become a platform for further imagination. 

We also think the integration of the solo plant is a smart way to give them something to work off. Some still life, maybe?

Source: Winter Daisy

In this space, we’d recommend implementing a Sandy Beige Play Sofa to keep this neutral space relaxed and open. But you could probably opt for Play Steps or any of our product range to see stimulated success in this room. 

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White

8. Natural meets bold. 

Relaxing but also stimulating. Colourful but also calm. 

If you’ve got the space, a playroom like this could answer your prayers. 

In this bold example, they’ve taken their kids favourite colours and emphasised them in wall art and rugging. By combining this with natural colours, elements, and providing a relaxing space for more intimate play, this space has perfectly combined bold and colourful with natural and neutral. A perfect foundation for play.

Source: Laura U Design Collective

If you want to get the look, we’d recommend opting for a Funsquare Folding Circle in a Rose Pink or Azure Blue. However, we think it’d be best to consult with the little one before colouring the space, just like they did. They might like the look of the Daffodil Yellow or Lavender Purple…

Dulux shades to fit this style? Natural White and whatever the little one likes. 

Your kids' playroom should be the most colourful and exciting room in the house. 

And we really won’t dispute that. 

Especially after what we’ve just seen… 

But if these ideas aren’t enough, we recommend starting with a Funsquare Play Sofa  of your choice, and moving from there. Once you’ve made your statement with your sofa, you can build the rest of your colourful room with ease.