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Funsquare multifunctional couch sets are fantastic fun for playtime. They’re also beautifully crafted with long-lasting materials, so you can ensure your couch set looks great and lasts for years to come.

Our folding square couches are made of four pieces: 1x thick base, 1x thin base and 2x trapezium pillows. Additional pillows and couch set addons are available to purchase separately. 

These options give you the freedom to customise your couch set and create the perfect look and feel for your playroom. 

“Our kids (and I) love our Funsquare so much! It has been such a game-changer for our playroom as it keeps the kids busy literally ALL DAY." -Maxie L.

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The Funsquare team is always available to discuss your delivery and ensure we meet your needs. We always make sure our playroom couches are delivered quickly and efficiently to the location of your choosing.

Thick Base  

Undoubtedly the backbone and foundation of all good builds, our Thick Base foam has been designed with the optimal density and hardness ratio to provide the best support for your couch set.

Thin Base 

Is it a cave? A hammock? A slide? Let your imagination run wild with the versatile design of the Thin Base. The Thin Base is exactly half the thickness of the Thick Base to a more flexible couch set and creative use.

Trapezium Pillows 

Our Trapezium Pillows provide the ultimate building blocks for your couch set and allow you to create exciting new builds.

Featuring a sturdy base and angled surfaces, these pillows will excel in providing sloped environments and back support for seating.

Couch Set Product Dimensions

1x Thick Base: 80cm(W) x 160cm(L) x 14cm(H)

1x Thin Base: 80cm(W) x 160cm(L) x 7cm(H) 

2x Trapezium Pillows: 40cm(W) x 60cm(L) x 29cm(H)

Couch Set - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a folding square couch?

Funsquare couch sets are modular kids furniture that is perfect for relaxing and playing. The square pieces are sewn together and fold for stability and to create countless build possibilities.

These comfy folding square couches are designed and made especially for kids, meaning they’re low to the ground and include soft, thick bases.

With modular design, variety of styles, cushions and covers, plus a selection of beautiful bright colours, these couch sets are the perfect addition to your home.

Our square couch sets are the perfect design for any playroom. Manufactured from 100% Polyurethane foam created locally in Australia, you can always count on exceptional quality when you choose Funsquare furniture.

Are playroom couches safe for kids?

Absolutely. Funsquare couch sets are specifically designed with children’s safety in mind. Their modular design consists of small, lightweight maneuverable pieces that will never squash little ones.

All materials have been carefully tested to pass the highest quality standards. Our Australian-made foam is GECA and AFRDI certified for your peace of mind.

If you’re searching for a playroom couch that delivers true safety and wellbeing for your children then Funsquare couch sets are the perfect choice.

What materials are used to make a couch set?

Funsquare couch sets and made from premium quality Australian foam and water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric. They’re perfect for using as a kids’ floor sofa, spare bed, or reading nook sofa

All of the materials used in the creation of our playroom couches are soft and kind to little ones’ skin. But they’re also durable and dependable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear.

The materials we use ensure that your couch set will last for years to come - giving your unbeatable value and true peace of mind.

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