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How to Create a Montessori Playroom for Your Baby and Toddlers

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We hear a lot about Montessori… 

Though it might seem a little glorified and unreachable to some, spaces that utilise this theory are stunning, and you can bring a tonne of goodness into your child’s world. 

And it’s actually a lot more simple to achieve than you’d think. 

In your baby and toddlers development, Montessori Playrooms can be some of the most efficient spaces in promoting growth.


What is a Montessori Playroom?

A Montessori Playroom promotes engagement over providing entertainment. 

It focuses on offering a simple space, with a limited number of toys and activities, that has everything on your little one’s level.

Instead of distracting and entertaining; it aims to help your little one master activities and advance through development. 

Basically, a Montessori Playroom is an accessible, engaging space for play and growth.


How Does My Baby/Toddler Benefit?

While these playrooms are perfect for kids of any age, Montessori Playrooms for babies or toddlers make sure that, early on, you’re able to nurture and develop all of their functions. 

It’s actually a little exciting, when you really think about it.

When done effectively, these playrooms aid in teaching fine and gross motor skills, social cues, confidence, creativity, language, responsibility and much more. 

All from play! 

And when we do these things early, they really pay off in the long run.


But How Do I Implement This?

It’s actually quite easy to create a Montessori Playroom, you’ve possibly already implemented some methods of their theory without even realising. There are really two main things to consider:


The activities you offer your baby and toddler need to hold the most possible value for their development. 

You may already know the Montessori method for its wooden or natural toys. 

But you might not know why. 

Montessori promotes engagement, rather than providing entertainment. Battery-operated toys may distract and excite your little one but they don’t offer much else. Wooden or non-battery-operated toys are favoured in Montessori playrooms as they are super beneficial for learning to engage closely. They teach focus, creative play, and problem-solving. If you do need to opt for the plastic, try to find something that will last long and serve a real purpose. 

Our products are perfect for stimulating this kind of play and an excellent alternative to battery-operated toys. Check out our most famous Play Sofa, or explore our new range of play furniture today. 

It’s also really important in a Montessori Playroom to keep your toys and activities limited, but varied. It allows your little one to focus on their activities better and master them, as opposed to jumping to and from. 

8-10 toys and activities have seen the best result in Montessori Playrooms. 

If you do have more (who doesn’t?) then toy rotation is the answer to your question. Rotate the toys you have available in your playroom about once a week on average. This also aids in mastering each toy and rotating out the ones not really used.

In terms of what activity?

For babies and toddlers, there are actually so many to choose from. 

Floor beds are a brilliant idea for babies as it makes it easy to get on their level while you play. 

The Funsquare Sofa or Folding Circle are the perfect products for doing this. 

You might also consider a baby gym, brilliant for building body functions, or mirrors, which babies really enjoy and provide learning for social cues. Include some soft bins to help them organise, store, and explore. Incorporate musical instruments, art, puzzles, and language, or whatever skills you need to work on with your baby and toddler. 

But the best kind of play for any little one will always be with you. 

Be sure to supervise CLOSELY when playing with your toddler and baby, especially.


The setup of your playroom will really help structure your baby and toddlers play. 

It’s so important to keep things simple and well zoned-out. 

A Montessori Playroom really considers the ease-of-access for your little one. Everything should be displayed at their level so they can grab it as needed, without limitations. 

Create order and routine for them to thrive in by giving everything a set place. As they grow, they’ll learn to be accountable for where things go. 

You’ll also want to include an open space for them to play in and develop motor skills as they grow. 

And keep it cozy. 

Natural light, comfortable spaces, and soft colours can be perfect for establishing a warm environment for your baby and toddler to enjoy. 

Plus, it’ll make for a gorgeous place to cuddle. 

See, a Montessori Playroom for your baby and toddlers really isn’t that complicated.

Simply promote engagement, rather than providing entertainment, keep everything as accessible as possible, and you’ll be nurturing growth in no time. 

If you’ve already got one of our sofas? You’ve probably already started.