Whether your family calls it a couch or a sofa, Funsquare’s release of Australia’s first customisable play couch for kids opened a world of possibilities.

The Funsquare Play Couch

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Whether your family calls it a couch or a sofa, Funsquare’s release of Australia’s first customisable play couch for kids opened a world of possibilities. 

As parents, we love to see our kids enjoy every moment and lose themselves in play. We know how good it is for their imagination, creativity, confidence and physical development. And having a fun, safe, beautiful space to do that - whether it’s jumping around full of giggles, designing the next innovative fort, or curling up with a book that takes them to faraway lands? #goals!

This is exactly why Funsquare released the world’s first customisable play couch for kids and toddlers … and whether your family calls it a couch or a sofa, the kids approve!


Our Build a Funsquare® program is a virtual 3D interactive experience that allows you to create your own ideal Play Couch.



Couch or sofa? Australia's first customisable play couch for kids

We first designed Funsquare’s customisable play couches for kids because kids need to be able to play safely with kids’ playroom furniture, while still getting a healthy dose of adventure.

Overseas they’ll call it a sofa, but here in Australia we’ve found parents are searching for a ‘couch’, so we’ll stick with tradition.

What’s the response so far? Here’s a snippet of parents’ reactions after they bought a Funsquare play couch home for their kids:

“This is probably my favourite purchase of the year! Keeps both my 4 year old and my baby entertained daily, which isn't easy. The quality is fantastic, fabric is easy to clean and the pieces are sturdy. Customer service is great and delivery is quick. I've already ordered again and can't wait for my next delivery to arrive. You will not be disappointed.”
~ Jessica
“This has to be hands down the best open ended toy we have purchased! It hasn't been left alone since it came out of the box. I have a 1 and 4 year old and they both are climbing all over, under and jumping on it!”
~ Teresa


"The best open-ended toy we have purchased!" The customisable Funsquare play couch for kids is parent-approved.


The good news? Funsquare Play Couches are NDIS approved furniture

Physical play is good for every child, as is a place to spend time in peace.

The Funsquare play couch covers both, providing kids with the ability to turn the couch into anything they can imagine, while also settling in for a bit of quiet time alone. (It’s like a built-in children's playroom – even if you don’t have space for one!)

Being durable and easy to clean helps! Here’s what Rosette said: “Worth the investment! Great quality fabric & foam. Easy to clean. Comfortable to sit/land on. Beautiful vibrant colours.”

And with approval from NDIS, parents are able to use the funding to purchase Funsquare’s full range, and to support their kids’ development with an NDIS Play Sofa. Just click through to fill out the form and we’ll send you an invoice for your claim within 24 hours. 


“The kids are LOVING their own couch. So far they have built bunkbeds, castles, various shops, a car and also just used it as a couch to chill, read and watch tv.”

Bec R  

Choose from a colorful range of add-ons to expand the play experience.

Choose from a full range of add-ons to complement your kids' Funsquare play couch.


Amp it up: Kids play couch accessories

Did someone say “there’s more”? How could we stop at the customisable play couch? There are loads to choose from; we’ve highlighted just a few here.

Browse Funsquare’s Pretend Play Fun ScenesTM 

With just a simple backdrop, kids’ imaginations will create a whole story. 

Funsquare’s Pretend Play Fun ScenesTM  range includes: Green Grocer, Ice Cream Cart, Fire Station, Bakery, a Smoothie Bar, a Popcorn Stand, a Donut Shop, a Fairy Floss Stand, a Police Station, a Hospital, a Castle, or a Princess Carriage!

Each comes with an easy-to-use elastic strap so that the scene can hang as part of the play couch build, and has loops at the top so that it can be attached on hooks elsewhere.

Pretend Play Fun Scenes™ are Australia's first uniquely designed kids pretend play addon that is easy to use and attach to your Play Couch or favourite furniture (tables, storage units, shelves and more).   

Throw in some Funsquare® Dots so that the kids can make wheels for their play couch “cars'' or add a spot of colour. 

Wheels on a car, drums in a band, stepping stones to a magic fairyland … the options for dots are endless. Especially as they’re now available in all 14 of our fun colour range.

When playtime is over? They’re still the perfect pillow for curling up on the couch or in bed and, if you choose your colour right, you may even be able to inspire some creative dreams too…


Funsquare Dots are made from premium quality Australian foam and water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric.Are they wheels? Are they drums? Stepping stones? A steering wheel? The play options are endless with Funsquare Dots.    

Add a Funsquare® Play Pit  to your collection to extend the possibilities of play.

Funsquare’s Play Pit is perfectly designed to suit the Play Steps and the Folding Slope for easy access in and out! 

Fill the Play Pit with balls, or convert it into a mini play sofa. It makes for great fun and limitless playing potential no matter how you use it. 

But it’s not all fun and games - it forms a sturdy Play Pit (with hidden Velcro) perfect for keeping kids safe and secure when playtime is long over.


“Love it! So much fun.”

Chevelle K


Made from 2 x Rectangular Bases and 1 x Square Base, the Funsquare Play Pit not only forms a sturdy Play Pit (with hidden Velcro) but can also convert into a mini Funsquare® Play Sofa, or perhaps a little reading corner!


Funsquare are also Crash Pad stockists: check out the range!

Funsquare® Crash Pad is available in all 14 Funsquare colours - it’s the perfect spot to land when bouncing about, and also a snuggly spot to rest after a day’s play. Being tough enough to jump onto as well as chill out, the Crash Pad is versatile, looks good in any space and is easy to maintain.

Oh, and did we mention the zipper can easily be hidden away? So they’ll experience no hidden nasties when they crash.


The crash pad is an awesome addition to your Funsquare play couch collection, or perfect for lounging and playing on its own.


Once parents bring Funsquare home, they often tell us they only wished they had done it sooner! Some families start with one kids’ play couch, or a crash pad, or even a cloud mat, but soon the kids are having so much fun it becomes the perfect base to add more … and an easy way for grandparents to choose gifts! 

“Our 9 year old loves her Funsquare, from relaxing to creating to hiding away and having quiet time. Hours of fun. And creative ideas. We just want to add more and more pieces.”

 ~ Mandi 

 “This is one of if not the most versatile pieces of play equipment we’ve ever owned and we’ve only owned it for 2 hours. If you are debating a play couch, order a Funsquare NOW! You won’t regret it.”

~ Genna