Why Every Child Needs a Play Couch: An NDIS Perspective

Why Every Child Needs a Play Couch: An NDIS Perspective

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How often do we remember our childhood games? The fortresses built from cushions, the pretend tea parties, or the afternoons spent jumping into the air and falling back into the soft world of couch pillows? 

And, while some adults may disregard these activities, from an NDIS perspective, some forms of play are crucial to development. Here’s why experts believe that every child deserves access to a play couch. 


The Concept of Play

Play may seem like a luxury, but it definitely isn’t. It’s a crucial part of a child’s development, providing the groundwork for learning, social skills, creativity and cognitive development.

And what better environment than the play couch. Whether it’s your main couch, a playroom addition, or squared up in their room? There’s so much for kids to gain.

Children thrive in spaces that promote imaginative play, foster their cognitive, social and emotional growth and play couches offer a safe, comfortable space to encourage both spontaneous and structured play for kids.

play is crucial development to kids development, especially with this australian made play couch


The Role of the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative in Australia designed to support people living with disabilities. Their aim is to provide necessary and reasonable supports for those individuals, including children, to live an ordinary and happy life. 

While they won’t just fund any old play toy, they place emphasis on funding equipment that is likely to be both effective and beneficial for the individual participant (and their needs).

And they recognise the importance of a play couch, especially for those suffering disabilities, and its ability to not just maintain a good quality of life, but enrich it too. 

It’s how you know it’s science backed - because the NDIS really do their research!


The Magic of a Play Couch

A play couch is a sofa specifically designed for children’s play. And, like the Funsquare play couch, some are made of light, durable and safe materials to ensure that it’s not just a piece of furniture, but a tool for imagination and growth for all ages.

A play couch can transform into a castle, a high-powered vehicle, a library, a fort, or even a jungle gym, fueling a child’s imagination and providing a platform for limitless, creative thinking. It also serves as a safe space for kids to wind down, fostering mindfulness and relaxation. 


Safety First: Play Couches and Child Safety

Every parent knows that safety is paramount, and good play couches are designed with this safety in mind, offering soft, non-toxic and durable materials that stand up to the force of a playing child.

When you're looking for an NDIS friendly play couch, you need something durable and safe


With a quality play sofa, like the Funsquare play couch, parents can have peace of mind while children explore, imagine and play, with durable materials that are still super lightweight and won’t crush little ones!

More so, for children with mobility or sensory issues, a play couch can be a safe space to play without fear of injury.


Play Couches and Social Skills

The magic of a play couch is that it encourages social interaction. Whether children are engaged in cooperative play, negotiation, role-playing, or conflict resolution, a play couch facilities these essential interactions. 

For children living with disabilities, this social interaction can be very therapeutic. It enables them to develop social skills and emotional intelligence with limitless playing potential. 


Boosting Cognitive Development

Play couches actually have a profound impact on cognitive development, providing an environment that encourages exploration and problem-solving, developing critical thinking and skills.  

This physical manipulation associated with a play couch also enhances spatial awareness and fine motor skills, both crucial components in a child’s development. 


Fostering Creativity and Imagination

The Funsquare play couch offers limitless creativity, ideal for the development of young Australian kids!


The best part about play couches? The limitless playing potential. They’re blank canvases for children’s creativity. From crafting high-powered rocket ships, to playing shopkeeper, a play couch can become anything - the only limit is their imagination. 

In fostering this imaginative play, they also help children explore and learn to navigate their feelings and ideas, enhancing their creativity and emotional development. 


Play Couches and Therapeutic Play

Therapeutic play is crucial for children living with disabilities, and a play couch can provide a comfortable and safe space for these interactions and activities to take place. 

There’s a reason occupational therapists often use play couches in therapy sessions. They help improve motor skills, build strength, and improve sensory integration in kids. 


Choosing the Right Play Couch

Not all play couches are created equal - and we know that better than most here at Funsquare. 

In choosing a play couch, consider factors such as size, versatility, durability, safety features and flexibility. But if you want to go the extra mile? We encourage supporting Australian made and finding a play couch that offers an additional trial period and guarantee - to make the most of your investment.


The Funsquare modular play sofa checks off all the boxes, with a super easy NDIS contact form to make it all the more accessible


Here at Funsquare, our play couches check all these boxes and more …

  • Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie made modular kids play couch
  • Environmentally friendly with GECA certified foam, sustainably manufactured in Australia
  • Designed with high-quality Australian foam and durable plush microsuede fabric, built to last with a one year warranty to prove it
  • Water resistant microsuede fabric that’s easy to clean and pet-friendly
  • Supportive for both kids and adults
  • Happiness guaranteed 30 day trial period to be certain you’ll love our play couch as much as we do
  • Australian made and designed
  • Versatile and great for open play

But that’s just us!

We also make it super easy for you to claim through the NDIS with a simple online form and a 24 hour return time on your invoice!

If you’re looking for an NDIS approved play sofa, Funsquare has you covered. We believe every child deserves a play couch that’s beneficial to them, is Australian made, designed and loved, and comes with the kind of customisation process that makes a real difference to their lives. Build their play couch today or complete our NDIS contact form now


“We absolutely LOVE our new Funsquare play couch. So many endless opportunities and it is such a great size to be able to have a lay down or chill out and read a book. The quality is incredible!”

~ Sheridan