Enhance Your Play Couch with Pretend Play Fun Scenes!

Enhance Your Play Couch with Pretend Play Fun Scenes!

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If you’re looking for ways to enhance the playtime experience for your kids, there’s no better combo than a play couch + fun scene mix! 

Play couches are versatile and comfortable pieces of furniture that provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages. They serve as a cosy spot for reading, relaxing, but they also act as one of the best open-ended play tools in your playroom. 

They’re already the kind of next-level, open-ended play experience. But by incorporating pretend play fun scenes to the mix? You’ll be able to go even further. 

We’re taking a deep dive into all things pretend play, with fun scenes that can take your play couch experience to the next level. Whether you have a playroom, a daycare centre, or simply want to create a magical playtime for your little ones at home, these ideas will inspire and engage young minds easily. 


Why pretend play Fun Scenes?

Pretend play is a vital component of childhood development, encouraging imagination, creativity, and cognitive growth in growing minds. It’s all about using imagination and promoting creative thought processes within kids. It’s a type of play where objects are used to spark imagination allowing roles to be assigned for make-believe play.

Pretend play is a vital component of childhood development, encouraging imagination, creativity, and cognitive growth


Research has shown that during childhood pretend play, children develop the ability to think logically and creativity, and solve problems. When you encourage a kid to dream and pretend, they learn to use their imagination to see beyond what already exists, and they gain the courage to explore the unknown. 

And at Funsquare, we take pretend play pretty seriously. With our pretend play fun scenes, children can immerse themselves in different environments, characters, and stories, helping them develop all those important skills. 

The best part: they’re the perfect addition to a Funsquare play couch. Together, they provide a platform for endless exploration, story-telling and roleplaying. And it’s such an affordable addition too! 


“My kids have loved hiding out in their firestation and playing at being firefighters for the day. Easy to set up, less than 3 mins, with the adjustable strap and velcro and fits on the playcouch very easily.”

~ Patricia


Pretend play Fun Scene ideas 

Wondering what fun pretend play scenes you can create with Funsquare? We have 13 adorable options, but here are just a few of our favourites!


Become a hero with the Fire Station 

Do your kids have a hero complex and want to explore what it feels to save lives and put out fires? Our Fire Station fun scene is perfect for you! Just see how this little one has combined this fun scene with a play couch for the ultimate playtime. 


The Funsquare pretend play Fire Station fun scene is perfect for those little heroes!


Embrace their inner-princess, with the Princess Carriage

If you have any little princesses that want to embody a royal fantasy (and demand the treatment we’re sure they deserve), this Princess Carriage fun scene is just the thing for them. It features cute little curtains so they can sit inside and wave to their subjects. 

Hint: They’ll need to practise that “princess wave” for this one!


Any princesses in your family? They'll love this Funsquare pretend play princess carriage for sure!


Save lives with the Hospital Fun Scene

We know some kids are born philanthropists. And some just know how to dream and play big. If they’re ready to save lives and face all the stress that hospital-work entails, this Hospital fun scene is just the thing. 

The best part? If you’ve got any dolls, they’ll be in the best health imaginable once the kids are through with this one!


Have a mini philanthropist in your home or classroom? They'll love this Hospital fun scene from Funsquare


Serve the healthy alternative with a Green Grocer 

We’re all about telling our kids to make healthy decisions and opt for the kind of alternatives that contribute to a better living. 

But a better way to teach them about healthier choices? Put them in a position where they’re the ones selling the healthy alternative. That’s right, our Green Grocer fun scene is one of our most popular fun scenes and is great for putting kids behind the action when it comes to selling fruits and vegetables to “local families”. 

You could easily enhance this one by giving them a few fruits or vegetables to go on display - who knows, it may be a really healthy brain snack for later too!


Show your kids the joys of the healthier alternative with the Green Grocer fun scene


Enhance your Play Couch with pretend play Fun Scenes!

By incorporating these pretend play fun scenes from Funsquare, you can easily enhance the play couch experience and provide your kids with hours of engaging, imaginative, and super beneficial play. 

These scenes create unique opportunities for storytelling, role-playing and educational exploration, crucial for their development.

Remember: children learn best through play and by adding elements of creativity and imagination, you can not only enhance cognitive and social development, but also nurture their love of learning too. 

Make playtime truly magical and enhance your play couch experience with pretend play fun scenes! 


“Taking dramatic play to the next level with props and the play scene. Children absolutely love it and the colours and vibrant and fun to match all colours.”

~ Kendal




How can pretend play benefit my child’s development?

Pretend play offers many benefits for kids, including enhanced creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills, social interaction and emotional intelligence. It enables children to explore different roles, situations, and emotions - overall giving them a better understanding of the world.


Pretend play gives kids a variety of benefits toward their development, as well as their overall well-being


What age group is suitable for a pretend play fun scene?

At Funsquare, our pretend play fun scenes are recommended for ages 3+ with parental supervision. But we find that everyone has something to gain from these gorgeous tools - even just seeing the vibrant colours and scenery can make it feel like you’ve stepped into an entirely new world, one of imagination and creativity. 


How easy is it to set up a pretend play fun scene alongside a play couch?

Funsquare fun scenes come with two pieces, the strap and the fun scene itself. It only takes a minute to put together - the strap is made from an elastic material and is easily adjustable for any play couch. There’s also velcro attached to the strap and the fun scene to make adjustments is a breeze!

And don’t worry, while the play couch and fun scene turn into a really cool kids play tent when combined, it absolutely can be used without a play couch. It has loops at the top that can be used to attach to hooks, or you can be creative and use the strap to attach to furniture such as tables or perhaps in a doorway!

(Travelling, anyone? We think a fun scene is a lot easier to carry around and set up on the go, for those who need it!) 

Enhancing your Funsquare play couch with pretend play fun scenes opens up a world of limitless possibility for children’s imagination and development. Whether they’re providing hero services from the Fire Station, serving goods and services with a Bakery or Green Grocer fun scene, or saving lives at the Hospital - these immersive play scenes provide endless opportunity for fun and development. 

If you’re considering enhancing your child’s play experience, we recommend investing in one of our 13 different pretend play fun scenes alongside one of our life-changing play couches. 

Customise their play couch (with all their favourite colours) today and discover the perfect fun scene to stimulate the kind of pretend play that’ll have them engaged for hours on end.


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And, if you’re a little unsure about the funds right now? Don’t worry, we offer a generous 6-month layby option (discover it during checkout), Afterpay AND Paypal. So the power really is in your hands when it comes to promoting play. 

“My girls have loved building their own cubbies with the ice cream shop. it is so versatile.”

~ Jacinta