The Australian Made, Owned and Loved Modular Play Couch

The Australian Made, Owned and Loved Modular Play Couch

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Families around the world are falling head over heels for kids modular play couches, thanks to their uniquely versatile design, incredible features, and open-ended benefits. They’ve been proven to aid in development in a fun and stimulating way that kids and parents love. 

And here in Australia, things are no different. We talk to parents all the time who can’t believe the impact their play couch had on their lives - and we’ve been listening here at Funsquare. 

The Funsquare play couch is Australia’s first fully-customisable, Australian made modular play couch. We understand the difference it makes to the entire customer experience to be able to support local and know that your super fun play couch is doing good things for your country, and your child’s future. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Australian made, owned and loved modular play couch. 


Why we’re so proud to be the Australian made and owned play couch

When it came to designing our modular play couch, we did everything we could to check off all the boxes. Easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, versatile, soft, safe, and comfortable as ever. 

And to make it as sustainable and high-quality as possible? We went a step further and ensured that all of our products are made and designed from right here in Melbourne, where we can rest assured that everything is up to Australian standards. 

And gives you that extra Aussie thrill!


Our modular play couches are Australian made, owned and loved - so the kids can rug up in a little chunk of down under


All our open-ended play products are designed with high quality Australian foam and durable plus microsuede fabric, built to last with a comfy one year warranty. It’s GECA certified foam, sustainably manufactured in Australia. 

When you place a custom order with us, we’ll get to work on it right away - from right here in Melbourne. It’s a big part of why the customisation process is so fun and easy: we build everything with love and can ship it right out without all those international delays and shipping costs. 

(Plus, you can rest assured all our profits are going right back into the Australian economy!)

It’s a big part of why parents are so in love with Funsquare creations. 


Why parents love our Aussie made and owned modular play couches

We hear it all the time, happy families that flocked to Funsquare solely to support Aussie made goods and services - and came out with a life-changing investment. 

And we knew it would go something like this. Because there’s something ultra-special about investing in one of the best open-ended play products for your child - with limitless playing potential and the kind of developmental benefits that set it apart from the rest - and knowing that you’re supporting a sustainable future for your little one in the process too. 

It’s about putting the control back in our hands, and giving back to Aussie families across the country.

We're giving back to Australian families with a modular play couch designed specifically for them

And when you hear what our happy customers have to say about it … you’ll understand just how much it means to them. 

“Sell points for me were it’s Australian made and owned, I love the option of swapping colours around easily whereas all the other companies it’s all the same colour for the couch and the customer support has been incredible. Hoping to get more pieces later in the year.” 


“Love that they are Australian made and they are near us so we could pick them up.” 


“Our Funsquare and add ons are by far the most used items in our playroom! Endless possibilities for play and relaxation. The perfect spot for mummy to sit and watch as the girls go nuts immersed in imaginative play. They look perfect straight out of the box and do not stay crinkled for days/weeks like I see with other brands. And they are Australian made! It’s a no brainer really.. BUY THE FUNSQUARE! You won’t regret it”


Invest in Funsquare: Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made (and loved) kids play couch

The Funsquare play couch is one of the best play couches in Australia, offering a play solution specifically designed with kids play in mind. 

We’re Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie made kids modular play couch, and our #1 priority is to create great quality products that are safe and multi-FUNctional. Made right here in Melbourne, we have an incredible range of addons to spark children’s creativity and imagination. 

It’s not just a super comfortable play sofa or open play toy, but both (and SO much more!)

Our Australian made modular play couches are the perfect way to bring limitless creativity to your home

Our play couches are also:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-quality
  • Easy care - spot clean with baby wipes or cold machine wash is all you need
  • Happiness guaranteed
  • Water resistant (and pet friendly!)
  • Made for comfort - supportive for both kids and adults 

They’re great for promoting independent play, developing motor skills, cognitive skills, and giving your kids the kind of limitless play that will help them walk through life with glee. 

And, of course, they’re Australian made, owned and loved by all. 


“I cannot recommend this couch highly enough. It is honestly the best play couch out there. It is made from very high quality products that are firm and durable. My husband (110kg) can sit on the foam and it barely compressed. It is also very easy to spot clean which is fantastic for daily use. I am very excited to order more pieces for my girls to use. We received  the play couch very quickly in around 2-3 days. I could not fault anything from purchase to date, we love our play couch!”


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