The Ultimate Kids Play Couch

The Ultimate Kids Play Couch

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Check out what families are building with their Funsquare kids play couch!

When it comes to fostering creativity, imagination, and fun in your home, nothing beats the versatility of a kids play couch. The Funsquare kids play couch, in particular, has revolutionized playtime, providing endless opportunities for building, creating, and imagining. Of course, Funsquare’s kids play couches are known as extremely durable and easy to clean, and their customer service is top-notch. But to kick off your imagination on how much FUN your family will have when you customise their Funsquare, here's a glimpse into what families are building …

An Aeroplane

Who doesn’t dream of swooping through the skies with the whole world spread out below?

Your kids can build their own plane with their Funsquare kids play couch!



A Cosy Reading Nook

Fostering a love for reading from a young age is crucial for a child's development. Why not make reading time even more enticing by building a cosy reading nook? Arrange the base pieces into a comfortable seat, use the backrests to create walls, and top it off with the cushions for a roof. Add a blanket and some pillows, and you've got the perfect spot for your little bookworm to curl up with their favorite story.




A Movie Theater

Family movie nights just got an upgrade. Transform your Funsquare kids play couch into a comfy movie theater with plenty of seating for everyone. Arrange the base pieces into seats, use the backrests for support, and don't forget to build a popcorn holder with the cushions!

These two love their very own movie theatre made from their Funsquare kids play couch!



A Space Shuttle

3...2...1...blast off! The Funsquare kids play couch can be transformed into a space shuttle, ready to take your little astronaut on an intergalactic adventure. Stack the pieces high to create the shuttle's body, use the cushions for control panels, and don't forget to build a comfy pilot's seat. It's a fun and engaging way to learn about space and inspire a love for science.

Why just aim for the moon when you can reach for the stars? This space shuttle was built out of Funsquare kids play couch pieces and add ons.



A Pirate Ship

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on the high seas with a pirate ship made from your Funsquare kids play couch. The foam pieces can be arranged to form the ship's deck, cabins, and even a crow's nest. It's the perfect setting for treasure hunts, sea battles, and pirate-themed storytelling.

This setup uses the folding slopefolding circleone cuboid and a fun scarf

Your kids can set sail for the open ocean in their very own pirate ship, built with Funsquare's play couch pieces, add ones and a fun scarf for the sail.



A Vet Clinic

Every veterinarian needs a clinic and the Funsquare kids play couch is the perfect building material. Whether they're performing life-saving procedures on their pet hound, or educating pet owners on how to look after their animals, kids will love having a dedicated space for their imaginative play. The couch pieces can be arranged to create a reception area, consulting room, and recovery space.

This kid knows how to be professional, using her kids play couch to build her very own vet clinic!



What parents say about investing in a Funsquare kids play couch:


“When spending big money it's easy to be skeptical. I loved that it was Aussie made and also I have friends with the couch and in person it was gorgeous and high quality. I have seen other cheaper brand ones and their cushions warp and sag after a period of time. The funsquare we have had for about 6 months gets used daily not always builds but climbing or sitting on. It's got such vibrant colours easy to clean and doesn't stain big tick for me with my messy kids. Textas chocolate cheese all came off in a wash
~ Sheena Baxter

“It had the best add ons and was Australian. One of my friends had one so I also saw it in person. From the others I have seen in person I'm very pleased with funsquare. We were skeptical when we first ordered it but we have done an additional 2 orders since our initial order. March last year was our first order.”
~ Jessica Ascione

“I was one of their first customers 2-3 years ago!
“I chose Funsquare because at the time the other 2 brands available were MyNook which was far too expensive, had elitist views and the fabric didn’t work for me as I have a cat who loves to scratch.
“There was another brand Whatsie which was slightly cheaper but was just drop shipped cheap foam from China.
“I decided to go with Funsquare as they were Australian made and owned and the owners were such lovely people. They don’t hire celebrities or gift couches to million brand reps and store owners to look more popular than they actually are, they're just a genuine family trying to put out an amazing product.
“I started with one couch and 2 cylinders and then added a second couch with cylinders, steps, slope and folding circle.
“The company asked us to rep for them not long after that however unlike most company reps I paid for all of our product, as I was a customer first!
“I cannot speak to the other brands as I don’t own them, however I have had a bad taste left in my mouth in regards to the way their reps don’t disclose their items were gifted and they make commission if you use their code.
“All in all I’m so glad we got Funsquare! If I went with another brand my cat would have shredded the fabric or it would have ended up stained or squashed or something by now. The colour options are also amazing and more kid friendly. If you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing grown up colour they do those too.”
~ Candice Elizabeth

Is the Funsquare kids play couch guaranteed?

Try our Funsquare Happiness Guarantee - bring Funsquare home to try it out for 30 days … you’ll be amazed at how quickly your kids’ play couch makes home your kids favourite playground!

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