Funsquare Modular Kids Play Couch

Funsquare Modular Kids Play Couch

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Funsquare’s kids play couch was designed to check all the boxes for both parents and little ones, thanks to its convenience, versatility, and the easy buying process. But one factor many overlook when it comes to this incredible open-ended play product is just how beneficial the modular structure is. 

We’ve taken a deep dive into why the modular function in our kids' play couch makes all the difference to parents and kids alike (and exactly what modular means!).



Why modular couches are taking the world by storm 

Modular couches are becoming highly popular across the globe, thanks to the versatile, functional design that benefits homeowners, renters, of both big, small, and medium homes - including those that need to move every few months thanks to this rental crisis!

But why are modular couches so popular?

A modular sofa itself is the kind of couch that comes apart in sections. These sections can be put together in different ways and designs depending on the size and shape of each individual room. They allow more freedom, creativity, and oftentimes also make it much easier to clean AND move around. 

You don’t have to worry about buying a three seater couch and having to dispose of it when you want to increase your space, or change up your home. Instead, you can rearrange it in a number of ways. It’s also a great solution to events at your home - you can easily space apart couches to create more spread seating (which was a GREAT solution through the pandemic). 

Oh, and it’s also pretty handy when you want to reduce your main couch, and set up an armchair or seating position in another room. It’s an all in one solution!

At Funsquare, we understand how convenient modular couches can be. Which is why we combined this unique functionality with our customisable, multiFUNctional kids play couches!


The modular structure of the Funsquare kids play sofa makes it a win for both parents and kids (just look at this set up!)


“When we found the Funsquare Play Couch we immediately knew it belonged in our house upstairs! Our girls, 6 & almost 3, are forever building castles/hideaways/cubbys with our couch cushions and now they literally use their Funsquare Play Couch to build anything they desire and my couch remains intact. It stimulates their minds and encourages more imaginary play which we couldn't be happier about. We use it for our family movie days where it sets up as 2 comfy gold class cinema seats and the girls love turning the Play Couch into a diner, singing booth, car, castle, teepee.. The quality of the fabric is so soft, it's easy to wipe down and clean and after jumping/climbing it all day it stays in shape. It's money well spent and we would recommend to anyone with kids to look into getting one for their sanity

“We purchased this couch for our daughter’s  2nd birthday and she loves it. We have had it for 2 months now and it still looks new. Our daughter uses it each day from sitting on the couch to read a book or creating some sort of structure. My husband and I also sit on the couch with our daughter and we’re surprised how comfortable it isI looked at a few others but kept returning back to Funsquare and glad we did and supporting an Australian owned business was a bonus! Look forward to more creations to come…”




Why the modular Funsquare Kids Play Couch makes play so convenient

There are a number of kid’s play couches available today, and you’d be surprised to know that we love the fact parents have no limit when it comes to choosing the perfect one for them. 

It’s a big part of why we took so much care and time into creating such a unique, multiFUNctional and purposeful play couch of our own. 

Not only is our kids play couch under warranty, available through NDIS, fully customisable, Australian made and designed, and super easy to clean - it’s also made to not just be a tent, but a hundred different combinations of couch, too!


A modular kids play sofa = limitless playing potential for little ones!


It’s about putting the control back into the hands of our consumers - so kids can make the most of this versatile open-ended play piece, with limitless playing potential and a number of developmental benefits at “play”, and parents can rest assured the process will be fun, easy, seamless and convenient for them too. 

We’ve had a number of families build amazing couch combinations - and it’s easy to start with the Funsquare Play Couch and grow from there. Need a Christmas gift the whole family can love? You can easily opt for an addon that’ll max out your couch. 

And we’ve heard of a number of parents that have now turned this play couch into their main couch - simply because the multifunctional, modular, stylish design pays off so well in any space!


With a modular play couch, kids can experience limitless playing potential, and parents can rest assured it'll suit their home no matter the space at hand



“We absolutely love our Funsquare. I want to replace all our furniture with it. It’s nice and firm and sturdy. It makes the perfect spot to put down our 8 months old daughter and it’s great for getting down to play with the kids. We also love building different structures for our 4 yo son. Great quality and so easy to clean. Highly recommend!”
“I cannot recommend this couch highly enough. It is honestly the best play couch out there. It is made from very high quality products that are firm and durable. My husband (110kg) can sit on the foam and it barely compressed. It is also very easy to spot clean which is fantastic for daily use. I am very excited to order more pieces for my girls to use. We received  the play couch very quickly in around 2-3 days. I could not fault anything from purchase to date, we love our play couch!”

If you’re looking for a kids play couch that checks all the boxes, makes life as easy as possible for you, while enriching your child’s play with limitless playing potential, learn more about our Funsquare kids play couch and how the unique modular function will make a huge difference to your home. 


The Funquare couch was my choice out of the many different brands on the market. It has the best website, fast chat responses … The customisation feature is also great and the colours are beautiful- it was hard to pick!

Thanks Funsquare!”