Best Nugget Play Couch Alternative

Best Nugget Play Couch Alternative

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The Nugget Play Couch is the original play couch, and has built up a great following through the years. But in 2021, stock was limited, leaving parents scrambling to get their hands on one, causing a number of play couch alternatives to pop up across the globe. 

While they’re more readily available today, there are now a number of great alternatives available, that’ll check off even more boxes. 

At Funsquare, our Play Couch is Australia’s first Australian-made fully-customisable Play Couch. Our priority is to create great quality products, and we’re here as Australia’s best Nugget Play Couch alternative. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 



What is the Nugget Play Couch and why are people so obsessed with it?

The Nugget Play Couch, also known as the original play couch, has been in rotation since 2015. 

It’s a four-piece set of foam building blocks which arrange into a couch, a fort, a tent, or anything your kids can set their minds to, and parents are loving this play couch idea. 


Because growing children love exploring, crawling and climbing over these comfy cushions. And it's also perfect for inspiring imaginative play, improving motor skills, and overall benefiting their developmental process.

The benefits of a Play Couch include a number of developmental improvements


It’s part-furniture, part-toy, and all-around the best thing to happen to playtime. Parents love knowing their kids can benefit from this open ended play product, and they also enjoy the fact that their kids are properly tuckered out when it's time for bed. Plus - it’s super comfy for parents to rest on too!

It takes the place of dozens of trinkets and small toys, allowing for less cleanup and safer play and saving the grown-up couch from certain destruction. It’s great for indoor play (ideal for those rainy days!) and is making waves in the community. 

It’s the original play couch, and we have to credit Nugget for this incredible innovation. 



Why people are opting away from the Nugget Play Couch

Following the limited stock in 2021, consumers were forced to look for alternative play couch options, and it really opened the market up. 

A number of different companies opened up, hoping to not only provide a solution against low-stock count, but check off other boxes. 

Like including a guarantee, making them from higher-quality materials, giving more options for how to build, including numerous add-ons that make it easy to build out (and provide the perfect Christmas gift for kids!), and manufacturing them locally - dropping costs and ensuring you can benefit your local economy with purchase. 

It was beneficial to the market: giving consumers more options and consistently improving this innovation to make it the highest quality possible. 

And, here at Funsquare, we worked hard to make our Play Couches stand out from the rest.

The Funsquare Play Couch is the perfect Nugget alternative - Aussie made, happiness guaranteed, high quality and ready to check off all your boxes!


Why the Funsquare Play Couch is the PERFECT alternative to the Nugget Couch

Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie made kids’ play couch. We design and make our multi-FUNctional Funsquare Play Couches right here in Melbourne, with a wide variety of addons to spark children’s creativity and imagination. 

Funsquare is designed specifically with kids’ play in mind, from a strong yet very comfortable microsuede fabric, with a water resistant treatment that makes keeping your Play Couch clean a breeze. It’s designed to last and not only built for comfort, but FUN!

But here’s why the Funsquare Play Couch is the perfect Nugget alternative:


  • Environmentally friendly + Australian made and designed

At Funsquare, the foam used in our Play Couches is GECA certified and sustainably manufactured in Australia. It means that you can rest assured your kids will get the best out of their play, with the added assurance that you’re not making a purchase at the detriment of the environment. 

Which is pretty important when it comes to purchasing a toy for your child: it’s all about ensuring you’re giving them the best future imaginable. 


  • High quality

Funsquare couch sets are made of 4 pieces: 1 x thick base, 1 x thin base and 2 x trapezium pillows, all of which are made from premium quality Australian foam perfect for using as a kids floor sofa, spare bed, or a reading nook sofa. 

All of the materials used in the creation of our playroom couches are soft and kind on little ones’ skin. Our modular design consists of small, lightweight, manoeuvrable pieces that will never squash little ones, and all materials have been carefully tested to pass the highest quality standards.

Our Funsquare play couch is super high quality, perfect for cuddling up on, jumping around on, and lasting for years to come - great as an alternative to the Nugget


Our fabric is independently tested and certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. Our Australian-made foam isn’t just GECA, but also AFRDI certified for your true peace of mind. 

The thick base has been designed with optimal density to hardness ratio to provide the best support for your couch set, and the thin base is exactly half the thickness of the thick base for a more flexible couch set and creative use. The trapezium pillows act as the perfect building blocks for your couch set, featuring sturdy base and angled services, great for back support when sitting and providing sloped environments. 

They are also durable and dependable, ensuring that your couch set will last for years to come - giving you unbeatable value and true peace of mind. 

They’ve even proven to be pretty beneficial for adults' comfort, too!


“We have had this playcouch for more than a month now and it just keeps adding value! Not only do the kids love building and playacting with it,my husband has found that sleeping on it helped his sprained back, because he says it's just the right amount of firm and give. Even my son asks if he can sleep in the living room because it helps him fall asleep quicker to sleep on the thick base.” 

~ Sharon


  • Easy care

Because Funsquare understands that parents are the ones who worry about the longevity of their play couch, we’ve made sure to check off all the boxes to make our play couches super easy to care for. 

The Funsquare play couch is super easy to care for - great for all kids to test their limits on!


You can easily spot clean with baby wipes or cold machine wash - it’s really all you need. We’ve designed our couches with a water resistant microsuede fabric that handles spills perfectly - and is also super friendly for pets too!

It makes the whole process of play that much more beneficial!

“Our 2 year loves it. Climbing, falling, hiding, building, playing. He plays with it all day, every day. It is easy to clean, easy to move around and easy to pack up. Highly recommended.” 

~ Cassi


  • Fully customisable!

One of the things parents love most about Funsquare, is the difference we make with our customisation process. We’re the only play couch company that has this option available, and we’ve made it super fun too!

We offer 14 different vibrant colour options, but you can personalise these colours in your couch set. So, you can mix Watermelon Pink, Rose Pink and Flame Orange to create an Emma-inspired couch set, for example (like this Wiggle-lover did!). 

And you can do it all from our sleek and simple “Customise Me” app!

Just look at how simple it is!



“We have played with these every single day since receiving them! So much fun and I love that we can choose double thick base and customise colours as opposed to other brands!” 



But we’ve also placed our play couches under a one year warranty, include a Happiness Guaranteed 30-day trial period to ensure you get the very best from your couch, have a NDIS-partnership to make funding your couch all the more accessible, and provide a variety of unique addons to compliment your purchase. 

It’s a big reason why many Australian parents are turning to Funsquare as the perfect Nugget Couch alternative - made Australian and eco-friendly, customisable, high quality, and as accessible and easy to care for as possible! Explore the full range of play products today, or go straight to the play couch to experience the Funsquare difference (and play around with that customisation app!).