Top 5 Indoor Play Ideas for the Holidays and Funsquare Products to Enhance the Fun!

Top 5 Indoor Play Ideas for the Holidays and Funsquare Products to Enhance the Fun!

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When the holiday season approaches, all parents have to face the sudden 24/7 presence of kids in their house. Which is great for a lot of reasons: more time to bond, more time to play, and more time to focus on their development.

And, sure, that’s great for the first week… But a lot of parents are left wondering what on Earth they should be doing to entertain their kids the other 5 or 6 weeks they’re left with.

We all know that outdoor play is crucial to a child's overall development. But when the weather is not acceptable, or your kid needs to stay indoors, indoor games or activities become necessary to keep them engaged.

Funsquare’s kids play couch helps develop cognitive skills no matter what the weather … read on for the inside scoop.

Luckily, Funsquare has you covered with our kids play couch, designed to help kids develop cognitive skills no matter the weather. All of our products are designed with kids in mind, because we understand how important the perfect mix of play, development and creativity are in their lives (and for their parents!). We’ve developed this fool-proof list of indoor play ideas to keep your kids entertained through all seasons. And we’ve made it even easier with our easy-to-use, limitless play products ideal for helping you do so.

This blog has highlighted a few kids' indoor play ideas that will help you make your child engaged and creative.

1. Go camping - indoors!

There’s nothing kids love more than the thrill of adventure and camping has got to be one of the most popular imaginary play set ups for young kids. But when you’re not keen to lug the kids around to a campsite, buy all the necessary equipment, and mosquito bomb yourself and the kids? An indoor campsite is the best way to go.

Pull out the sleeping bags, set up a tent, and spend the night doing a “campout”. You can share spooky stories, eat all the camping snacks they LOVE, and encourage a singalong.

We promise, the kids will get a real kick out of sleeping in the lounge room or playroom in sleeping bags, as opposed to their own bed. And if marshmallows are involved… No one will be complaining!

For the ultimate fun from your camp out, we recommend opting for a Funsquare camp out. We have everything you need to elevate your camping experience, with Play Scenes and Play Couches perfect for tent-making; Dots, Crash Pads and Cloud Mats for added comfort, and the ultimate addition of a Funsquare Campfire!


It’ll make camping indoors an adventure like never before.


2. Build an indoor obstacle course

This one might seem a little overdone but, we promise, your kids won’t mind if it's a cliche indoor play activity or not - if the fun is real, that’s all that will matter to them!

We know - outdoor obstacle courses are usually the favourite for parents. It keeps kids out of the house, ensures no mess, and keeps them active. But when rainy days come and/or you don’t have the backyard to set up in? An indoor obstacle course can be just as beneficial… and safe too!

Our play products are designed with safety, fun, and versatility in mind. Plus, they’re so easy to clean up! (Spills? You won’t be worried about that with these products!)

Just check out how much fun these two had in their indoor obstacle course!

So relentless with that Crash Pad - you know they slept well after that one!

And that’s the best part about a Funsquare indoor obstacle course: they’re safe, fun, easy-to-assemble, and perfect for keeping kids active, without the hassle. Better yet: if you set it up one way, you can trust they’ll have a fun time making “harder levels” or “ultimate challenges” to conquer. Great for their creativity, thinking, and motor skills!


3. A “pillow” pit in our Play Pit!

Yep - kids sure do love their ball pits. There’s just something about diving into a pool of items and disappearing amongst it that makes them go crazy. But when you’re stuck at home, can’t afford to go to a fun centre, or just don’t like the idea of public ball pits (yep, we know the concerns some have about what other people have left in there…)? An indoor pillow pit is the way to go.

To be honest, it still sounds pretty fun as an adult. Soft, comfortable, soothing, while still being an exciting activity to muck about in! How wonderful.

Which is why we’re encouraging you to try out a pillow pit for yourself, in our super-safe, cosy and versatile Play Pit. ;) … It not only forms into a sturdy Play Pit perfect for a pillow dive (with hidden Velcro) but it can also convert into a mini Funsquare Play Sofa, or perhaps a little reading nook, where necessary.

It’s designed to be the exact height as the Play Steps and the Folding Slope for easy access in and out… So, if you want to set up the coolest pillow pit possible? We’d recommend those additions too!

But the best part shouldn’t be all the addons - it should be in the amount of development your kids are able to receive from their play. By opting for differently coloured pillows in your pit, you can actually help further boost their creativity and mood! Just read our blog on The Benefits of Colours to learn more about how your kids can benefit from colour (and which ones will be best for them!).

The options really are endless when it comes to this indoor play activity - and we’re sure it’ll tire them out for good rest during the holidays!


“The best thing I’ve bought for our playroom. By far the most played with item and we’ve only had it 2 weeks!” - Carrie P

4. Inspire imaginative play & limitless creativity with the Funsquare Play Couch

Okay, we couldn’t get through this post without giving a shout out to our legendary Play Couches. You see, Aussie mums love this playroom addition for so many reasons:

  • Easy to clean and water resistant
  • Super safe and designed for comfort
  • Australian made and designed
  • Fully customisable with 14 colour options (mix & match as you please!)
  • Limitless potential for creativity
  • It doesn’t just take up space, it enhances it
  • NDIS-friendly Play Couches you can snag with your participant funds

And so many more!

But it’s not just about the adults… It's about the kids who create, build and play on it. And the verdict is in from Funsquare kids too:

“I have wanted to get this for my boys for so long and I’m so glad I finally did, they couldn’t be happier. Keeps them happy and entertained for hours everyday
- Erin C

“Our 9 year old loves her fun square, from relaxing to creating to hiding away and having quiet time. Hours of fun. And creative ideas. We just want to add more and more pieces 😬 - Mandi H

Funsquare® play couch sets are specifically designed with children’s safety in mind. Their modular design consists of small, lightweight maneuverable pieces that will never squash little ones. With modular design, variety of styles, cushions and covers, plus a selection of beautiful bright colours, these couch sets are the perfect addition to your home.

We hear all the time how engaged kids become with these couches, how consistently they play on them, and how well it tires them out before bed. The only regret our clients ever have is that they didn’t get one sooner… 


5. Engage in pretend play with our numerous Fun Scenes!

Pretend play is all about using imagination and promoting creative thought processes within children. It’s a type of play where objects are used to spark imagination allowing roles to be assigned for make believe play.

Sure, you probably already see your child engaging with baby dolls or playing superheroes, which is incredible for their imagination as it encourages them to create these worlds for themselves.

However, for endless play, our Fun Scenes are a great addition to your playroom for indoor play through the holidays and, in fact, all times.

They’re Australia’s first uniquely designed kids pretend play addon that is easy to use and attach to your Play Couch or favourite piece of furniture. It promotes creativity and pretend play for toddlers and kids of all ages. And it also makes for a pretty great kids play tent!

We have a whopping thirteen different scenes, from Fire Station, Smoothie Cart, Popcorn Cart, Police Station, all the way to Stone Castle and Princess Carriage, and all of them are perfect for giving your kid endless entertainment. They can play out a hundred different scenarios, convert them as necessary, and, if you want to go the extra mile this holiday season - you can combine them to make a whole imaginary town within their playroom!

And that’s a wrap on our Top 5 indoor play ideas for the holidays!

But we’re sure your kids will think of so many other ways to enjoy our Funsquare products… The options really are endless!

So, when the holidays approach and your kids are in need of some extra entertainment while home with you, we recommend engaging with the possibilities of your home and making the most of their time with you. 

With limitless play potential, boosted development, endless creativity, and the kind of fun they’ll never forget. 

For more multi-FUNctional inspiration, check out our full range here.

And if you’re already considering one of our NDIS-approved, versatile, Australian kids play couches? We recommend customising theirs today!