The Kids Play Couch for all the creations they can imagine…

The Kids Play Couch for all the creations they can imagine…

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There’s nothing more important to parents than knowing their kids have limitless ways to play, grow and learn, which is why our kids' Play Couch is so popular for Aussie mums everywhere. 

They’re the perfect amount of safe, easy-to-clean, and multi-FUNctional. They’re designed with kids' play in mind, with a strong yet very comfortable microsuede fabric with a water resistant treatment, made to last and great for developing motor skills and promoting independent play. 

But the best part about our kids Play Couches? There is literally no limit to how our Play Couches can be used…

Read on to learn more about some of the possibilities they’ll be able to build.


Why pretend play is important for kids

Before we leap into the amazing creations from kids all across the country, it’s important to highlight just how important pretend play is for kids. 

Pretend play is all about using their imagination and promoting creative thought processes within children. In this type of play, objects are used to spark imagination allowing roles to be assigned for make believe play. 

For example, when your kid dresses up as a superhero or when they engage in playing with baby dolls, they’re engaging in pretend play where they’re letting their own imagination tell the story.

But what are the benefits of pretend play?

  • Build a child's mental ability to use their creativity and think of new ideas
  • Promotes cooperative play with other children and develops social skills
  • Develops children's ability to think for themselves
  • Helps promote empathy by understanding others point of view

This is why our kids' Play Couches and other incredible products are so beneficial to kids - they give a versatile and multi-FUNctional approach to pretend play, where kids have limitless potential for what they can build, how they can use it, and what world they can create from it. 


1. Our kids Play Couches can become a table at a high-class restaurant

Look at how easily our Play Couch folds out for a table at a high-class restaurant


Or a classy coffee shop, a meeting room, or just a dinner table to accompany their pretend kitchen…

With a Funsquare Play Couch, it’s easy for them to build the setting for their pretend play job. It’ll give them the perfect opportunity to play make-believe with a real-world base so they can imagine a future in which they can do all of these things and more. 

They can easily decorate with some fake flowers, their favourite tea set and it can also inspire them to create a high-class menu on paper that their customers will love! But we can also imagine a lot of little ones that will enjoy hosting very lavish tea parties with this build…


2. From a kids Play Couch into a super cute Baby Hotel…

This baby hotel is easy to make with our kids play couches, with just a few tiny additions..


With a Funsquare kids Play Couch, it’s easy to build a fun baby hotel for them to play and imagine in. Dolls are a big part of imaginative play and, when combined with a Funsquare play couch, it’s the perfect way for your kids to create a world where they can give the best overnight experience for their dolls. 

In this example, our client got a little more creative, using additions like the Folding Slope to complete the look. But that doesn’t mean the fun is limited to it. Kids will still be able to create a fun and modular hotel for all with just a kids Play Couch, some baby dolls, and even just a paper and pen to create an eye-catching and welcoming sign.


3. Our kids Play Couches easily transform into a high-speed vehicle

Kids can easily imagine a high-speed vehicle ready for any adventure with our Funsquare kids play couch

If you thought our kids Play Couches are limited to building builds, you’d be mistaken. Kids love building high-speed vehicles from our play couches, complete with our famous Dots as the steering wheel. They can easily work with a 4WD or 2WD (depending on whether or not you’re interested in purchasing additional pieces) and are the safest place for them to learn to get comfortable behind the wheel…

For added enjoyment? They could also use paper and a pen to create realistic windows, car logos (if they’re already a little passionate about cars!) and even the radio inside. Though, if your family still owns a portable radio, it may be just the way to give them the ultimate experience of riding off into the world by themselves, with the wind in their hair and their favourite song playing the soundtrack to their latest adventure.


4. Our kids play couches can also feat as a place to curl up in front of the TV, a tent, or a more unique-style couch for little ones

We tell our clients all the time that our kids' play sofas work perfectly as tents, cuddle-zones, or just a place to lay their heads but they don’t quite understand the level to which we mean. There really are endless possibilities, even when it comes to these simple builds.

Just look at what we mean:

Our play couches are perfect for using as a relaxation zone during movie-time

It's easy to make a simple tent with our couches

Or a more creative tent that challenges their perception of gravity


There really are just so many ways to play with our kids’ soft Play Couches, making them the perfect playroom addition for any kid. They’ll have endless potentials on what to build and, we promise, they’ll tire themselves out on a daily basis trying to figure out the next best thing.


“The kids are LOVING their own couch. So far they have built bunkbeds, castles, various shops, a car and also just used it as a couch to chill, read and watch tv.” 
~ Bec
“We love it! My son (1 year old) climbs up and sits on the couch himself to read books. He loves playing on the builds we make him. It is our new favourite toy. We use it everyday!
~ Chevelle

For multi-FUNctional play made safe, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly, our kids Play Couches are the ideal solution for all types of play.

The best part? They won’t subtract from any room they’re in - they’ll enhance it!

Customise their Funsquare Play Couch today or explore our full range for more creative ways for them to play. You won’t even be able to imagine all the things they’ll come up with for it!

(Psst! If you’re supporting an NDIS child? You can snag an NDIS sofa with us today, just follow this link to claim!)