Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made Play Couch

Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made Play Couch

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Did you know that Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made modular Play Couch? We design everything with kids’ play in mind (and, alright, we’ll admit it - we think a lot about parents’ enjoyment too!) which is why we were the very first company to market a fully customisable Australian made play couch that’s modular, can be shape-shifted into limitless different creations, and has 14 unique colour options to choose from. (And don’t worry, you can mix and match where you please!) 

We understand the importance of buying locally made products that are versatile and can guarantee real happiness for your family, and we knew we needed to bring this to Australian’s everywhere. And, boy, are Aussie mums loving this new addition to their children's playroom

But it’s not just because we’re the first to do it, or the fact that we’ve made them so darn beneficial for play. It’s because the love we put into our Australian play couches shows in everything we do.  

The history behind Funsquare’s fully customisable Aussie play couch

Our mission is to bring good quality, interactive and multifunctional Australia-made kids toys to families across Australia, and we continue to work hard to do so everyday.


The entire reason we started Funsquare back in 2020 is because we knew then that kids need to be able to play safely with kids’ playroom furniture, while still getting a healthy dose of adventure. 

It really has been quite a journey since those very beginnings!

We poured extensive resources into getting the design right and sourcing the right materials so that we could proudly create Funsquare right here in Australia. 

Along the way, we received incredible feedback from parents who love seeing their kids' faces light up when their Funsquare arrives. And they’re also loving that they can take a moment for a coffee and biscuit by themselves while the kids play!

Our mission is to bring good quality, interactive and multifunctional Australia-made kids toys to families across Australia, and we continue to work hard to do so everyday. 

(Which is why we’re still releasing ground-breaking play products like our Dots, Fun Scenes, Cloud Mats and more…)

Here’s how it’s turning out so far… 

“My son adores his Funsquare couch! It has been the greatest addition to our playroom - from reading area, boat, ice cream shop, the floor is lava course, etc etc… it has been the best purchase 😍 need all the colours!!” - Michelle


“Fantastic quality and beautiful colours. We got a mix of 3 colours: sunshine yellow, green and pink and looks gorgeous. Kids (4&2) absolutely love it. They play with it all the time and the couch has been an absolute savior in this wet weather. And has saved the little one falling off the couch all the time. We often wedge the couch up against our couch and it makes for a bug soft play area for them” - Anon


Why Funsquare is different from other modular play sofas

There's a reason why Aussie mums are loving this modular play couch for their little ones

We design our multifunctional Funsquare Play Couch right here in Melbourne, Australia. They’re designed with kids play in mind, which is why we included these crucial features in our play couch:

  • Easy to clean
  • Super soft microsuede fabric
  • Water resistant (just in case of those surprise spills)
  • Versatile and great for open play
  • Environmentally friendly: GECA certified and sustainably manufactured right here in Australia
  • Promotes independent play
  • Great for developing motor skills
  • Happiness Guaranteed 30-day trial period 
  • Made for comfort
  • Designed with high-quality Australian foam 
  • NDIS funding to make our sofas accessible for ALL

    But the list of features doesn’t end there…

    Unlike other modular play couch brands, every single thing we do is done with you and your little ones’ in mind. From our new customisation feature, to our additional free gifts, all the way to our incredible customer service and our one year warranty. 

    There’s a reason why our clients keep coming back to us and have such incredible things to say… 


    The Funsquare couch was my choice out of the many different brands on the market. It has the best website, fast chat responses and offers a free gift (camping fireplace toy) which my family love! The customisation feature is also great and the colours are beautiful - it was hard to pick! Thanks Funsquare!”

    - Anon


    “The guys at Funsquare have amazing customer service, thanks Andrew for your prompt professionalism. My son's Funsquare arrived today he can’t stop playing with his new play couch! Thanks guys beautiful product.”

    - Kerstin


    Why we decided to team up with NDIS

    We teamed up with NDIS to make access to our Australian play couches possible for everyone

    We really do mean it when we say we care about bringing imaginative and creative play to kids all across Australia (and the world!) - and doing it so with love. 

    Which is exactly why we teamed up with the NDIS. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides funding to people with disabilities and helps to connect people with services in their community. It’s something we support, especially as they offer funding to kids and their families where necessary too. 

    We recognise that multi-FUNctional and safe play should be available to everyone. So, after hearing so many inspiring stories about how Funsquare Play Sofas have helped children develop and inspire movement and open play, we decided it was time to make it as easy as possible for everyone…

    You can now claim your Australian NDIS Funsquare play couch through your NDIS package. All you need to do is jump online, fill out this form and we’ll send through an invoice within 24 hours! It really is that easy.

    Because we know it’ll make all the difference to families all across Australia.


    If you’re interested in all the benefits that Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie-made play couch could bring your little one, check it out here, or explore our full range of products today.

    And don’t forget to play around with our Customiser while you’re there! Whether or not you’re ready to purchase just yet, it’ll give you a little chance to play, create and build for yourself. 

    (Because we really do care about the best of both worlds when it comes to play!)