The Best Funsquare Floor Cushions For Kids

The Best Funsquare Floor Cushions For Kids

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Every child deserves a little comfort and security, and we know that floor cushions make a big difference in parent’s lives. They’re the perfect addition to the playroom, are great for the moments when they want to curl up like little possums and rest, provide security during those big bursts of energy (we all love knowing a fall won’t end in tears!) and are ideal for all ages. 

And that’s exactly why we’ve worked so hard to bring you different types of floor cushions to make their lives (and yours) all the more comfortable and secure. Take a look at the best Funsquare floor cushions for kids and how they can elevate your child’s playroom.


Why Choose Funsquare Kids Floor Cushion?

Funsquare kids floor cushions are one of the best and trusted floor cushions for kids. They are used by many parents in Australia because of the following reasons:

  • Soft and easy to use for kids
  • Extremely comfortable for use in bedrooms, playrooms, study
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Wide range of colours and patterns
  • Wide assortment of products
  • Value for money
  • Customised according to needs of kids
  • Portability
  • Delivery all over Australia

Funsquare offers a wide assortment of kids’ floor cushions for you to choose from. Customised according to your requirements these floor cushions come in various sizes and colours for your home.


The Funsquare Crash Pad

The Funsquare Crash Pad creates the perfect soft landing for your adventurous daredevils, or a comfy spot to rest and relax after a big day of play. It’s an awesome addition to your collection, or perfect for lounging and playing on its own. 

They’re made from crumbed premium quality Australian foam and encased in a special fabric liner with a safety zipper that can be hidden away (so no nasty surprises!). The covers are a water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric that makes spill-scares a thing of the past. 

All of the materials used in the creation of our Crash Pads are soft and kind to little ones’ skin, but they’re also durable and dependable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. They’ll last you for years to come - giving you unbeatable value and true peace of mind.

They’re super soft, fluffy, and resilient and our customers are loving the versatility! It’s the classic, timeless big floor cushion for kids!

“We love all the funsquare range! We just ordered the crash pad last month and just placed another order for the cloud mat! Happy kids happy family ❤️ Thank you Funsquare!”

- Bibi

“I purchased a crash mat from Funsquare. Had the best customer service i had ever come across. The crash mat is loved by my daughter and my husband.”

- Cynthia

The Funsquare Cloud Mat

The Cloud Mat is a soft and luxurious Tatami Mat style that is safe, comfortable and stylish. It’s the perfect addition for any space in the home, be it a bedroom, playroom or even the lounge room. It offers extra peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your children playing. 

We have two sizes available, with four gorgeous colours to fit any interior. They’re made from 30mm premium quality high-density foam for the inner layer and a high quality polyester for the outer layer. 

All of the materials used in the creation of our Cloud Foam Mats are soft and kind to the little ones’ skin, much like our Crash Pad. They’re also durable and dependable, easy to clean,  resistant to wear and tear, and will last for years to come. 

They’re much thinner and sturdier than the Crash Pad and are perfect for all ages. Like the little ones’ who need a soft space to crawl and develop motor skills, the toddlers who want a comfortable place to play on the floor or a safe spot to fall in their indoor obstacle course, and even for older kids/adults that want a comfortable way to spread out.  

Just look at how relaxing they make any setting!


The Funsquare Cloud Mat is a super comfortable floor cushion perfect for all ages and all uses

Customer Reviews

“I ordered the Glacier Grey Cloud Mat which was delivered very quickly! We absolutely love this mat! It’s perfect for my kids to play in and absolutely perfect for my 6 month old to learn how to sit up and crawl on! Once it was out of the box and unrolled it expanded very quickly, and is nice and cushy!”
- Dakota

“My boys have tested the mat from all heights and love it. They love the texture, so I often find them lying on the mat. It's also a great sound barrier for falling blocks/tiles and kids.” 


Funsquare Dots

The Funsquare Dots are the smaller floor cushion choice from Funsquare. Are they wheels? Drums? Stepping stones? A steering wheel? We don’t know which one they’ll be today, but we do know these are the affordable choice of floor cushions, and it’s so easy to add a few more with time!

They’re available in all 14 of our fun colour range and are a great addition to your collection. Made from premium quality Australian foam and water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric, they’re soft and kind to the little ones’ skin and the same amount of durable, dependable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear as our other floor cushions. 


These Funsquare Dots are the perfect small floor cushions for little ones', there's no limit on what they can use them for!


We really do love these little beauties and we’re so excited to have introduced these Funsquare Dots along with our Crash Pads and Cloud Mats so recently. They’re perfect floor cushions for all kids - big and small.


Funsquare: designed with kids’ play in mind

Funsquare led with the first fully customisable Aussie made play couch, and we’ve since continued to stay up-to-date with the latest in open-ended play furniture for your home - and what Aussie parents actually want. 

We’ve introduced an incredible range of floor cushions that’ll give your kids a safe space, security in even the most adventurous playtimes, and unbeatable quality. They’re the perfect addition to any children’s playroom!

But we encourage you to check out our full range of play products to see exactly how many ways we’ve made it possible for you to elevate your playroom. 

Your only regret will be not buying one sooner…


“We are IN LOVE with our Funsquare play couch! Would highly highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about it! I can’t believe we didn’t get one sooner”

- Caitlin


“This was perfect for us.. so soft and squishy! It's the kids' new favourite go-to place when they want a snuggle - they just roll around on it!”

Psst! If you’re looking for an NDIS-friendly addition to your children’s playroom? Don’t worry - claim your NDIS play couch through this form today!