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Is it a Funsquare Kids Couch or a Cubby? Why not both!

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What if there were a way for your children to enjoy the best of comfort, combined with limitless playing potential, that can be transformed into any creation, serves multiple purposes, and will last for years to come? Funsquare kids’ play couches are designed in Australia with kids in mind and they’re the perfect addition to any playroom. Are they a kids couch, a cubby, a tent, or even a castle? The fact is - it’s entirely up to you! 

We’ve dug into the versatility of the Funsquare kids soft play couch and how to use this incredible play product to help kids let their imaginations run wild. You’ll be amazed at the creations we see!


What is a Funsquare kids couch?

Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable, modular, Aussie made kids play couch. The difference between Funsquare’s and other kids' couches out there is that our priority is to create great quality products that are both safe and multiFUNctional. They’re made right here in Melbourne and we offer a wide range of addons to spark children’s creativity and imagination. 

It’s not just a super comfortable play sofa or open play toy, but both!

All our pieces are made of a strong yet comfortable microsuede fabric with a water-resistant treatment that makes keeping your Funsquare a breeze. It’s designed to last, built for comfort AND fun, and will never pose a threat to your little ones as they rearrange each of the pieces. 

At Funsquare we recognise that open-ended play is incredibly important in helping our children to develop physically, mentally and emotionally, and we love seeing the joy on kids’ faces when their Funsquare kids play couch comes out of the box.

“Funsquare has been an instant success in our house from the fun of watching the pieces puff up when unboxed to daily builds. Quick delivery and really happy with the quality. Can’t wait to add extra add ons in the future.”
- Kimberley
Funsquare kids play couches are the perfect materials for making a cubby.

How many ways can a Funsquare kids couch be used?


The Funsquare kids play couch has limitless playing potential because each child comes up with ideas from a different angle.

We’ve had parents send pictures of their kids turning their play couch into a cubby that makes a perfect reading nook, add Funsquare dots to make a car or a fire truck … and even turn Funsquare into earth moving equipment!
Funsquare kids play couches are perfect to turn into a cubby ... or even earth moving equipment!



We understand that by making our couch as versatile as possible, kids can work on developing their early cognitive skills, promote creativity, improve motor functions and provide sensory experience - all while having an absolute ball!

It’s all about play-based learning - something that also helps kids recognise and express emotions and social skills. 

So there’s no limit to how you can play …

They’re popular as a fort, a cubby, a tent, a vehicle, and we’ve even seen some pretty impressive Christmas builds, obstacle courses and so much more! If they can think of it, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to make it!

Just look at these creations!


Funsquare kids play couches let your child create the perfect space for a tea party.

Funsquare kids play couches make the perfect cubby!


It’s so much fun that grandparents are buying Funsquare kids play couches to have ready for those moments when the grandchildren arrive (we wouldn’t be surprised if the grandparents are using them when the kids aren’t around!).

“Perfect for our grandchildren. They play with it every time they visit. It’s even comfy for adults to sit on when playing with the kids. Easily moves around the house to suit the purpose. We love it so much we got the seat for our one year old for her birthday.”

- Carolyn

“Our 9 month old is obsessed with climbing all over her new Funsquare. In just a couple of weeks her confidence has grown so much. We have loved having some of our friends' older kids come around and watch the pure joy on their faces as they come up with new arrangements. It's so good to see the longevity in this piece. An amazing investment in our eyes!”

- Jessica


Not only can Funsquare's kids' play couch make a great cubby; it also doubles as a fabulous stage!


“We love our fun square play sofa. We have so much fun creating spaces like our stage. Highly recommend Funsquare.”

- Imogen V


Why is it that Funsquare are masters of cubbies?

Most of us remember putting sheets over a table to make a cubby in our house when growing up. But those always had to be pulled down when it was time for dinner, of course!

Funsquare kids’ play couches are the perfect tool for making an unforgettable cubby for your child. And the best part is the kids can keep playing all day, or they can help you put it back into kids' couch formation when it’s time to settle down with a book or to watch a movie.

But it gets even better …

Build amazing cubbies using Funsquare kids play couches + Funsquare Play Scenes

Step up the whole kids-play-couch-as-a-cubby concept by adding a Funsquare Play Scene and your little ones will suddenly be in a world of their own. Choose from over a dozen scenes, including a baker, a greengrocer, an ice cream shop, a castle, a hospital or a princess carriage.


Funsquare's Play Scenes take the kids play couch to a whole new level of cubby building!


“My girl's first birthday present was her very own playroom.  It would not have been complete without a Funsquare! 


In 1 week it has already been a lounge, a tent, a bakery and a bed for a rainy movie day. Best part is she will never outgrow it! My husband and I are guilty of building our own forts after she's gone to bed 😂. 10/10!!!”

- Holly K
In just one week this little ones' Funsquare kids play couch became a lounge, tent, bakery and bed!

Step it up a level: make a cubby with their very own campfire

Building a cubby house lets kids imagine a whole world, including the great outdoors. And nothing beats a campfire to set the scene.

Nothing says "cubby house" like an outdoors feel, with their own campfire.

Funsquare’s campfire sets include:

  • 2 x flames
  • 2 x wooden logs
  • 10 x rocks
  • 1 x marshmallow and 1 x marshmallow stick

And the kids don’t need any prompting to get creative with their campfire set, outside their play couch cubby … this little guy has set up his campfire set on his Cloud Mat for the ultimate in comfort.

When building a cubby from a Funsquare kids play couch, add a campfire set for that "great outdoors" play.

Easy-to-clean cubbies made from Funsquare kids play couches

Funsquare kids’ play couches make perfect cubbies not only because of the imagination that gets let loose, but because they’re a breeze to keep clean. Made of thick microsuede fabric, they’re easy to wipe down. The fabric is also pet-friendly so the whole family has been thought of!


NDIS providers, so that participants can enjoy creating their own cubbies from Funsquare kids play couches

Funsquare is a registered provider for NDIS and can provide an invoice as needed, to help NDIS participants access the benefits of interactive and imaginative play with their own Funsquare play-couch-turned-cubby.

Claim your NDIS play sofa/couch today with this form!

Funsquare kids play couch 30 day money-back guarantee

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a no-brainer to bring a Funsquare kids play couch into your home, to help your kids enjoy the magic of childhood play.If you long to recreate the magic of building your own cubby as a kid, start with a Funsquare kids play couch, sprinkle on a few extras from the Pretend Play Products range and see where their imaginations take them!

And when you do, tag us online @funsquare_aus so we can see how it turns out!