Rainbow Kids Play Couch: Endless Fun with Funsquare!

Rainbow Kids Play Couch: Endless Fun with Funsquare!

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Kids play couches have taken the parenting, home decor, and playroom worlds by storm, offering a fantastic opportunity to elevate playtime for children while seamlessly blending with your home. And here at Funsquare, we’re Australia’s first fully customisable Australian-made play couch, designed specifically with kids’ play in mind. 

Aussie kids and parents have fallen head over heels with the way our kids’ play couches have changed their lives, and for good reason too. There’s so many reasons to love these customisable, easy-to-clean, super safe and cosy sofas, and their limitless opportunity for fun and learning!

“My son adores his play couch and so do all of his friends. The quality is fantastic and easy to clean. The fabric is soft and makes it very grippy, making builds easy to construct. I love that Funsquare gives you the ability to customise your couch. The combination of the 3 greens work harmoniously together and is a wonderful addition to our playroom.”

But in the light of our latest launch … we have all the more reason to celebrate our kids’ play couches, now with 17 colour options, covering every single colour of the rainbow!


Introducing: kids play couches, available in every single colour of the rainbow (for endless colour combos) 

Kids' play couches have never been an ordinary piece of furniture: they’re magical platforms for imagination and creativity. They’re forts, tents, cubby houses, high-powered vehicles and safe nooks for them to possum away in after a long day. They’re castles, they’re moats, they’re a market stall on a busy Sunday. They’re everything you want them to be, and more. 

Designed to cater specifically to kids, our play sofas now come in a wide arrange of enchanting colours, reflecting each different hue of the rainbow. 

And we’ve already proven how beneficial our vibrant colours were when we had just 14 … 

Our collection of 17 different colours now means you can catch the attention of any child and style this versatile piece of play furniture for any home too. It’ll be impossible for them to resist playing, learning, and creating wonderful, safe memories among its cushions!

Especially when you can customise each play couch with any combination of these colours! 

Wiggle themed play couch, anyone? What about a more neutral one that they can grow into? You can do it all with Funsquare! Even if that’s just giving them even more of their most favourite colour…


Our kids play couches now contain all the colours of the rainbow and our customisation process makes this even more exciting for our customers


“We bought a Funsquare and it’s been incredible. The quality is exceptional and the fabric is so luxurious. We were able to mix and match each piece and the colours are amazing. We love how it brightens up the kids’ playroom. We can’t wait to invite their friends home for a playdate. Really happy with this purchase and would highly recommend to everyone with kids.”


“Are the couches still safe and non-toxic?”

Absolutely! We take safety very seriously at Funsquare (because we know just how much it means to you and your little ones) so our fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to be free of harmful substances and our foam is GECA certified. Our foam and fabric is low VOC (virtually NO emissions) and free from formaldehyde and heavy metals. 

We’ve even made sure to manufacture our play couches with child-friendly zippers, which are designed to be hidden to minimise any chance of injury to kids. They do not contain any flame retardant, harsh chemicals either. 

(You can be sure of this, because the NDIS even funds our play couches for in-need participants. They’re the safe, NDIS play couch that everyone can benefit from.) 


“Can I personalise the design of this play couch?”

Funsquare is actually Australia’s first fully customisable Australian-made kids play couch, so of course you can personalise the play couch! Our custom builder allows you to create their dream play couch. You can mix and match colours, choose the thickness of your base, pick the armrest styles you like, and include any addons you want!


With our customisation process, it makes it easy for you to mix and match whatever your little one will love!


“How can I keep my play couch in its vibrant, rainbowy condition?”

One of the many things that parents LOVE about Funsquare is that our play sofas are oh-so-easy to clean! Our premium thick microsuede is an exceptional fabric composed of millions of fine 100% pure polyester fibres, and it’s not just soft to the touch, but wear resistant, water resistant, easy to care for and pet friendly!

It makes it super easy to spot clean, but you can almost remove the covers for added assurance that you can handle any nasty spills as needed!

(But once you see our water resistant fabric in action, you’ll understand why we’re not too worried).


Check out our full range to peek at the latest from Funsquare!.

Have you seen the rest of what dropped this July? We didn’t just introduce 3 new colours to complete the rainbow, we’ve also added bigger and better things (with even more still to come!)

Explore our NEW Chill Pads, which are just the smaller version of our most popular and original Crash Pad. This little guy is perfect for using as a comfy cushion for reading, to transport around to a picnic, or the perfect size for a baby nest or baby bed. 

They provide a unique sensory experience for children, allowing them to gain proprioceptive input through activities such as squishing, jumping, and crashing; tactile input through rolling and vestibular input. 

They’re available in all 17 of our colourways and are made of high-quality cushion to prevent kids from getting hurt. And we’re SO excited to have just dropped this little marvel!


Our NEW Chill Pads are the perfect addition to your next Funsquare purchase!


Or take a look at our Cloud Mat, now available in new colourways. (Psst! The Rainbow colourway you see below has ALREADY sold out! But we just LOVE it so much, we thought we’d let you know. So you can stay tuned for the new pre order date for this one.)


 Rainbow everywhere, like our new rainbow Cloud Mat, currently sold out but returning soon!


And that’s a wrap!

We’re all too excited to be welcoming our 3 new colours, completing the Funsquare rainbow and we hope you can understand why. We recommend everyone jumps over to the site to peek at the new design, the new drops, and explore what the play couch customisation process can do for you

Because it’s not just our kids’ play couches, everything we do at Funsquare is making a real difference to homes, classrooms, and playrooms across the country. 

“Amazing product! Made my daughter's birthday amazing and has been so helpful for her self regulating !!! Absolutely recommend for anyone of any age! Mamas even having fun playing with them!”

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