How To Uplevel Your Playroom with a Play Couch

How To Uplevel Your Playroom with a Play Couch

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Ah, the playroom - a safe haven for kids, filled with toys, games and countless memories just waiting to be made. But if you’ve found yourself scratching your head about how to uplevel your playroom, the Funsquare Play Couch might just be your gamechanger. 

It’s the perfect way to make playtime engaging, safe and fun - something all parents, educators, carers AND kids can benefit from. 


How to uplevel your playroom with a Funsquare Play Couch

The Funsquare Kids Play Couch isn’t just any ordinary couch. It’s a multi-FUNctional, dynamic piece of children’s furniture that can be transformed into limitless creations. Is it a fort? A cubby? A high-powered vehicle? A reading nook? A possum den? It’s all of that and more. The possibilities really are endless - the only limit is your child’s imagination. 

But how can you actually uplevel your playroom with a Funsquare Play Couch

1. Multi-FUNctionality at its finest

The best thing about the Play Couch is that it’s more than just seating: it’s a tool for imagination. It can easily transform into tunnels for adventurous crawling sessions, stages for theatrical performances, nests for those cosy reading corners, which makes it a great solution for any playroom.


The Play Couch instantly transforms into stages for theatrical performances or any creation they can imagine


By making space for this comfortable, colourful Play Couch, kids will have the freedom to take them apart, build their dream arrangement, and put it all back together once it’s over. 

And the best part - their multifunctionality means it’s easier than ever to find space for it! We’ve known some customers who’ve stacked it into a comfortable one-person seater for those only-children with limited space, and some who’ve found a solution to stacking it away with style. 

No more buying new items every other week to keep up with their interests - they can do it all with a Funsquare Play Couch!


2. The safe padding every child deserves

The thing about the Funsquare Play Couch is that it’s designed with kids’ play in mind. Which means all of the materials used - even down to the zippers that are securely tucked away - are made safe, comfy and durable for kids. 

And, while play is essential for development, safety truly is paramount. If you want to uplevel your playroom with a Play Couch, you can easily set it up as a safe padding solution for little ones. 

Although … We know a few people who are in support of also investing in a Funsquare Cloud Mat to max out this safety. But we know our Play Couches will work a treat on their own too!


A Play Couch can uplevel your playroom by giving them the soft padding their play needs


3. Boost their development + cognitive skills

Have a playroom that’s super fun but lacking in some of the developmental aspects your kids deserve? Don’t worry, that’s the best thing about a Play Couch: they’re the open-ended play solution that’ll tick off all their developmental needs - easily and with a very healthy dose of fun!

(To help them fall completely in love with learning!)

If you want to uplevel your playroom, a Play Couch can help develop early cognitive skills, promote creativity, improve motor functions, provide sensory experiences, and sharpen their social skills too!

Oh, and did we mention it’s a winner when it comes to independent play? Nothing like keeping those little ones distracted and entertained for hours on end …


4. Budget-friendly fun (all from one Play Couch!)

Playrooms can be really expensive to set up - trust us, we get it! However, with the Play Couch you’ll enjoy multiple uses, durability, and limitless fun. When you don’t have to keep buying the latest and greatest to keep up with their interests? You’ll be able to invest more in the other important aspects of being a parent. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll actually have some spare funds for Christmas thanks to this one!

By setting up a Play Couch in your playroom, you’ll have a budget-friendly but limitless space in no time!


If you want to uplevel your playroom, this Play Couch will give you endless budget-friendly ways to play


5. The Play Couch for all ages 

We know, there’s nothing worse than creating a marvellous playroom that your kids love, but grow out of faster than you’d have expected. It calls for a revamp of the space and, when it comes to furniture, you don’t want to have to spend a few thousand dollars replacing it every few years. 

But that’s why a Funsquare Play Couch is the perfect way to uplevel any playroom. They’re perfect for literally all ages - from newborns all the way to the oldest of adults. 

Kids will enjoy the adaptable designs, the freedom to create and explore their limits, and to work with it regardless of which stage of development they’re at. But as they grow up? They’ll still be able to enjoy the comfort of a reading nook for study days and will probably LOVE having this vibrant addition in their newly adapted “study room”. And parents absolutely love the support these Play Couches offer too. 

We’ve even heard of some who’ve taken to sleeping there for the night, just to give their backs a comfy break … 

6. All the colours of the rainbow to boost their moods and engagement

Want a colourful playroom but still can’t decide whether or not to paint the walls pink? The Funsquare Play Couch has you covered. 

If you want to uplevel your playroom into a colourful wonderland that’ll boost their moods, keep them engaged, and transform a once messy space into a vibrant space, you’ll have no trouble. Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable Australian-made Play Couch and our customisation process, along with all 17 colours of the rainbow to mix and match with, makes it easier than ever for parents to liven up their playroom for kids.


uplevel your playroom with all the colours of the rainbow in this play couch


In fact, this is the cherry on top for so many Aussie parents, as they love watching their little ones eyes light up when they see their favourite colours reflected in their space. It puts a new edge on a playroom, without having to worry about painting the walls or trying to frame coloured pics. 

(It’s a renters best-friend too!)

If you’re wondering how to uplevel your playroom, or are just wondering how best to incorporate your Play Couch into the space, we hope this guide has helped you discover how this open-ended solution can check off all your boxes. 

Play Couch is the multifunctional, versatile, comfortable, vibrant, and super fun way to play. Customise theirs today with our latest customiser!

Psst! You should also jump into our Funsquare Playroom Facebook Group if you want some inspo to get you thinking! You’ll love the community you’ll find … 

“We bought a Funsquare and it’s been incredible. The quality is exceptional and the fabric is so luxurious. We were able to mix and match each piece and the colours are amazing. We love how it brighten up the kids’ playroom. We can’t wait to invite their friends home for a playdate. Really happy with this purchase and would highly recommend to everyone with kids.”