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Funsquare: The Modular Play Couch Approved for NDIS

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Imagine if there was a free tool that would help your child develop spatial awareness, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and motor skills? And even better yet … What if they had a bucket load of fun in the process?

We’re pleased to announce that Funsquare is now a registered NDIS provider, which means you can build the ultimate children’s NDIS play couch and let your funding take care of the bill. All that’s left for you to worry about is which colour will bring the most grins to your child’s face. 

We’ve dug into the therapeutic benefits of our modular play couch and how countless families are using it to help their children gain confidence, learn new skills, and have a glorious time along the way.


Two toddlers are sitting on a Azure Blue Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set shaped like a car. They are looking at the camera and the front child is holding an imaginary steering wheel.


But first - what’s a Funsquare play couch, and how does it relate to the NDIS?

Crafted right here in Melbourne, Funsquare is Australia’s first modular play couch - able to be reimagined into an endless array of configurations depending on where play time takes us. For some, a Funsquare play sofa is a roaring pirate ship on wild open seas, engaged in an epic battle with an enemy ship determined to blow them to smithereens. For some, it’s a top secret lair filled with plots to take down the nefarious bad guys. For some, it’s a soft spot to fall asleep on. 

Sometimes, it’s all of the above in just one afternoon. 

That’s the beauty we pride ourselves on - our kids' play sofas are fully customisable with all kinds of add ons to create a cubby that will be the talk of the playground. It’s not just a vessel for imagination or a cosy nook - it’s both. 

And that’s exactly why we set out to create this product - because we know that play is an essential tool for growth and we wanted to create a tool that would make it intuitive, empowering and safe. Each of our products is designed to encourage imagination, creativity, and confidence. We know from being parents ourselves how vital this is for helping kids develop, and it’s our mission to help as many families as possible tap into the magic of play with this NDIS play couch.


"Imaginary play is important for all children because it helps them understand their surroundings … It's a way for them to practise. It's a way for them to explore the world."
~ Susan J. Schwartz, MAEd
Senior Director: Child Mind Institute’s Learning and Diagnostics Centre

Two toddlers are sitting on a Midnight Blue Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set that is set up like a cubby. They are both looking at the camera and the child on the left has their hands outstretched.

How this NDIS-approved play couch can accelerate your child’s fine motor skills

Funsquare provides the perfect soft environment for your child to play the best kind of way: exactly how they want to. Thanks to our thick padding and intelligent design, kids can be as rough as they like and tumble around freely, protected by soft padding at all times. It’s the perfect gentle environment for them to learn their limits without fear of bumping heads or getting a booboo from rough falls. The safety this provides means they can explore their physicality and develop their motor skills effortlessly along the way. Being encouraged to be aware of/engage with their physical surroundings has proven to be invaluable for children who might struggle with spatial awareness. Our pieces are made from a deliciously comfortable microsuede fabric that makes them water-resistant and effortless to clean, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll scrub the stains out later if playtime gets a little messy. 

Our 2 year loves it. Climbing, falling, hiding, building, playing. He plays with it all day, every day. It is easy to clean, easy to move around and easy to pack up. Highly recommended. 

~ Cassi C


A toddler is tumbling onto a Azure Blue Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set while another toddler runs past in front of them.


The ultimate play couch for instilling creativity, according to the NDIS

Funsquare is designed to inspire creativity by teaching kids to tap into their imagination, think for themselves, problem solve, and explore other points of view. Thanks to our endlessly rearrangeable pieces, these modular play couches can be set up to create any scene. For kids who might not be able to experience certain scenarios in real life, this provides an opportunity to act out an experience in the comfort and safety of their own home. Imaginative play is also a beautiful tool for teaching kids to think from other people’s perspectives, which helps strengthen their mental flexibility and self awareness.


“We are Funsquare obsessed. Since our couch arrived it has become the most used item in our household! My son adores climbing all over it. We use it as a car ramp, couch, cubby house (our favourite) and the options are endless! The colours are bright and vibrant and the material is so nice to touch. Highly recommend Funsquare!”

- Jessica M


A toddler is laying on a Sandy Beige Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set, pretending to be a patient while a child sitting in front of them is dressed up as a doctor, holding a stethoscope.


Using your NDIS Funsquare play couch to develop language skills

Imaginative play has been found to work wonders when it comes to teaching communication. As your kids explore all the different possibilities of our modular kids’ play couches, they come into contact with situations they’ve never encountered before. It allows for all kinds of wacky and fun discussions that would have never otherwise occurred, providing a gentle platform for your kids to learn to communicate effectively. As you move through your play, your kid will grow their confidence and navigate all kinds of new scenarios, developing their abstract thinking, social and emotional development, autonomy and self-esteem.


Taking dramatic play to the next level with props and the play scene. Children absolutely love it and the colours and vibrant and fun to match all colours.

- Kendal C


Two toddlers are leaning over a Rose Pink Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set to talk to each other.


The play couch that doubles as an NDIS-approved self regulation tool

Funsquare also aids in the development of self-regulation skills. All too often, a cubby doesn’t go to plan. Maybe a sibling’s using that vital piece they need to finish their castle. Maybe a tower they spent all afternoon constructing gets knocked over. Maybe the dragon steals their snacks. The kind of imaginative play our soft couches provide helps kids discover how to cope when life doesn’t go to plan. It’s a gorgeous incidental learning opportunity that allows them to feel the full weight of their emotions and find out how to manage them, providing the foundation for self-regulation as they grow. You can explore all kinds of scenarios and help them develop essential problem solving skills effortlessly along the way.


My son loves using it as a slope or rocking hard back and forth on the folding circle. The Funsquare holds up really well even with my husband and I sitting on it. Excellent quality and very pleased. 

- Jessica A


Two toddlers are playing with toys on a Midnight Blue Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set


Try your play couch at home for thirty days before you decide if it’s worth your NDIS funding 

We know that when you invest in a tool for your child’s development, it’s not something you take lightly. After all, it’s your kid, why wouldn’t you want nothing but the best? We’re so confident in the therapeutic benefits of our modular play sofas that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to make it fully risk free. You’re welcome to try your Funsquare out at home to ensure it’s the perfect fit before you commit.


We gave our daughter the rose pink play pit for her first birthday, none of her other gifts even got a look in! She is absolutely obsessed and we can't get her out of it! Thanks so much Funsquare for an amazing product! 😍

- Alanah M


A mother and baby are sitting on a Amazon Green Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Set


Get your dream play couch setup covered under NDIS

As a registered NDIS provider, we can provide an invoice as needed to help you access the amazing benefits of our modular play couches. If you’re an NDIS participant, just submit your details here and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. In no time at all, you’ll have your dream play sofa (and, as previously mentioned - pirate ship, medieval castle, dragon-guarded tower, ancient shipwreck, fairy forest - you get the idea). 

We’ve worked to make our kids play couches as adaptable as possible to encourage as much gentle, joyful learning as possible. If you’re ready to tap into the humble magic of play, we’d love to provide the perfect tool.

Claim their NDIS kids’ play sofa today.