How every kid can benefit from a Funsquare play couch (NDIS kids included!)

How every kid can benefit from a Funsquare play couch (NDIS kids included!)

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Funsquare has been making the lives of both parents and kids more enjoyable, more enriching and easier than ever for some time now. But why is it that Aussie mums can’t get enough of this product? Well, it’s for the same reason that we can’t stop sharing the benefits: because there’s something insanely special about a single addition to your playroom that can help your kid develop in so many ways. 

Our play couches are great for all ages, all personalities, and are even NDIS funded. Oh, and did we mention that they’re chock-full of secret benefits to help your kids develop? Here’s how:

The Funsquare play couch can accelerate fine motor skills

Kids can explore their physicality and motor skills effortlessly with a Funsquare play couch


Our play couches are designed with kids’ play in mind, which is exactly why we’ve made sure that they’re the perfect soft environment for children to play, without limitation. They consist of small, lightweight, manoeuvrable pieces that will never squash your little ones. 

They feature thick padding and an intelligent design, allowing kids to be rough, to tumble as they need, while still being protected by the soft padding at all times. It’s the perfect way for them to learn their limits, without having to worry about any nasty injuries as a result. 

What does this mean in terms of development? Kids can explore their physicality and motor skills effortlessly. And when kids are encouraged to be aware of and engage with their physical surroundings, their spatial awareness can be refined - it’s been proven!

Oh, and did we mention that these couches are made from a microsuede fabric that is not only comfortable, but water-resistant and super easy to clean? It takes all the worry and hassle out of playtime for kids, without putting any limits on their play!

“Our 9 year old loves her fun square, from relaxing to creating to hiding away and having quiet time. Hours of fun. And creative ideas. We just want to add more and more pieces”

~ Mandi

Our play couches encourage creativity in a way like never before

Our play couches are all about imaginative play, helping their mental flexibility, self awareness and so much more!


Our entire business was designed to inspire creativity in kids by teaching them to tap into their imagination, think for themselves, problem solve and explore other points of view. And that’s exactly what our couches help them do. 

They can be set up to create any scene, allowing them to imitate real-life scenarios with ease, while still remaining in the comfort of their own home. It’s all about imaginative play, and we all know how beneficial that can be…

We’re talking strengthened mental flexibility, self awareness and being able to think from others perspectives!

And when our couches have limitless play possibilities… the benefits really are endless!

“We absolutely love our new Funsquare play couch! Since it’s arrival into our home, it’s been a hit and our 3yo has had so much fun with it. We’ve built everything from tents to a car… it not only promotes and ignites creativity but it’s also super comfy. The quality and make of this couch is amazing - and best of all, it’s water resistant which is a must in a home with young children. We couldn’t be happier with our play couch from Funsquare!” 

~ Janice

Develop language skills in your children with Funsquare

Want to develop language skills in your kids? A Funsquare play couch can help!


Speaking of the imaginative play that is possible with Funsquare’s kids’ play couches … did you know that imaginative play can actually aid in teaching communication?

By coming into contact with situations they’ve never encountered before - like a coffee shop, a grocery store, or even a stage - they’re more likely to have all kinds of fun discussions that wouldn’t otherwise occur. 

It provides a gentle and exciting platform for your kids to learn to communicate effectively. More so, as they learn to move during play, their confidence will receive a boost, they’ll be able to navigate new scenarios, develop their abstract thinking, social and emotional development, autonomy and self-esteem. 

Pretty impressive, right? And all from a colourful Funsquare play couch!


“This has to be hands down the best open ended toy we have purchased! It hasn't been left alone since it came out of the box. I have a 1 and 4 year old and they both are climbing all over, under and jumping on it! I couldn't recommend this more.” 

~ Teresa

A Funsquare play couch is a super-effective self regulation tool for kids

Funsquare play benefits really do feel endless - our play couches will even teach them a thing or two about self-regulation


You know that disappointment when a pillow fort build doesn’t exactly go to plan? Or when, after a big job of creating, a sibling comes in to make a mess of everything… Our couches help to provide imaginative play for kids, but it also helps kids discover pretty quickly how to actually cope when things don’t go to plan. 

It’s a little incidental, but it’ll allow them to feel the full weight of their emotions and learn how to manage them, providing an important foundation for self-regulation as they grow. You’ll definitely have an opportunity to teach them the skills of problem solving with one of these!

And we all know how important self-regulation really is… It could make a major difference in your child’s life in the long-run!


“I love our Funsquare!  Probably even moreso than my twins do!!!  It keeps them entertained for hours. Seriously. And I love they each have their own "space" if they just want to watch TV. No more fighting on a shared couch!!!  It's really well made, and the inevitable spills wipe off easily. My only regret is not getting one earlier!”

~ Naomi


The benefits really are many when it comes to the Funsquare play couch! They’re also super multiFUNctional, come in 14 amazing colour options and can be customised as you please, and are SO comfortable for all settings. 

Our play couches can be found in homes all across Australia, and, as they’re now NDIS-funded, are reaching the homes of those that need it most easily.

If you want to enhance play, encourage creativity, and boost your kids' development with one stylish and savvy playroom addition, shop the Funsquare play couch today.