kids bedroom decor guide

Kids Bedroom Décor: The Beginners Guide

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Fun, exciting, colourful.

Exactly what room decor for kids should be, right? 

Complicated, costly, and constantly in need of changing… nope, we’ll have none of that here

By considering the elements of decor in your kids bedroom, you can have an incredible space for them to grow into, and it won’t require a complete overhaul every couple of years either!

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Colour Psychology

Colour plays an immense part in your child’s stimulation and development, and colour in the bedroom has an incredible link to psychology. We care a lot about colour, so when it comes to the bedroom? Consider it well, so you can create a place of real comfort and joy.

We’ve got a whole post on The Benefits of Colour that delves into each colour, individually, if you want to check it out  

However, we’ll let you know now that almost every colour of the rainbow has a purpose, if you’re willing to use it right.

Consider what’s best for your little rugrat, along with the psychology behind each colour, and you can achieve incredible results no matter what you choose.


Lighting with Love

Like colour, lighting in a kids bedroom is as crucial for nurturing their brain.

Of course, sunlight is a big part of this. Aim to get as much natural exposure into the room during the day to increase happiness, develop sleep patterns, and generally keep the room fresh. 

But when the sun goes down? 

There’s a lot at play. 

Turns out poor lighting, such as hues too yellow or too blue (or white) actually cause anxiety and depression in adults, according to Carolyn Feder, founder and owner of Sensory Interior Design - imagine what they do to kids. 

Try to consider using softer tones, like pinks or reds, but in general? Dimmers are the secret to creating effective and relaxing lighting for your little one, perfect for setting the scene for sleep.

They’re also really handy for providing light when you need to check in… without waking them up.


Fun and Functional Furniture

The worst part of decor in general? Especially when you’re dealing with rapidly growing little ones.

For children, it’s been suggested that DIY is a great way to bond with your kid and give them the room of their dreams. It can also be a little more cost effective and help you create some really unique pieces for your little one.

DIY Super Mums, we know you got it, but we’re not all ready to face our own handy-work just yet.

If you’re buying furniture for your little one’s room, multipurpose furniture with a lot of storage can be really handy. It’s a good idea to also find really nice, quality pieces that your kid will really engage with. However, PLEASE remember to keep it soft where you can.

We like bumps on the head as much as you do (not at all).

Actually, we think our Play Sofa might be just the thing for you… ;)


Decoration for Dreams

Dinosaur toy to elephant lamp to movie-themed sheets to dog poster to brick builds…

It does get old, we know.

If you’re just starting out with kids decoration, the BEST thing you can do is keep it as simple as possible.

DON’T overdo your room with overwhelming themes.

Try to find purposeful elements that take the stand, leaving some spaces design-free to keep it from feeling overwhelming. We’d recommend a pop of colour in one or two big design pieces, such as a comfortable couch or a feature wall, leaving (for example) sheets, carpet, and other small design elements either simple or well-structured to the colour theme.

For the comfortable couch? We’ve got you.

Implement a Play Sofa or Folding Circle for a comfortable pop of colour and decorate with purpose.


Nurture with Nature 

In any home, feng shui tells us that natural elements bring comfort, and this is especially true in your kids bedroom. 

Find ways to incorporate natural senses of sight, sound, touch and smell into your kids room to send subliminal messages to feel calm and balanced. You can do this with pictures of the outdoors, natural smells, natural materials, or by including different patterns and textures - this is also great for stimulating your child's brain.

In general, kids' bedroom decor can be tough to crack, but in combining the elements of decor in an effective manner that considers your kid… 

You can have a lot of fun with it. 

And we do love fun.

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