Why Funsquare Play Couches are the perfect addition to any lounge room

Why Funsquare Play Couches are the perfect addition to any lounge room

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Funsquare Play Couches are making a real name for themselves across Australia, with mums in every state falling in love with this long-lasting and safe addition to the home. They’re the perfect open-ended play tool, with limitless potential for creativity, great for kids of all ages and all temperaments. 

But what makes Funsquare soft play couches so different from other playroom additions, is that they’re more than just a tool for play… Mums and kids alike can’t get enough of the versatility of this piece, and they’re being pushed into the lounge room or incorporated into the playroom to be used for all occasions and loved by the whole family.

Why? Read on to find out.


Funsquare Play Couches don’t take up space - they complement it!

The thing about Funsquare kids’ Play Couches is that they’re more than just a tool for play and comfort - they’re designed with style and functionality in mind.

Unlike other styles of play equipment, these couches won’t just take up space and add clutter to your home. They’re made to be used and to complement any space that they exist in. 

They’re colourful, vibrant, and high-quality, making them the perfect addition in the lounge room as an additional kids sofa or even as the main space of comfort in your living space. As a modular sofa, they can be altered and styled as desired, meaning you can mix and match as necessary to find the perfect style for your home. We have over 14 different colours to choose from!

Plus, our many addons make it easy to enhance this build as necessary. 

Just look at how impressive this Funsquare creation turned out…

A Funsquare modular play couch + additional addons makes for an incredibly stylish sofa that'll still look great in the lounge

Many mums purchase this Australian made, modular play couch with the intention of putting it in their children’s playroom, before discovering just how versatile these items are. They’re relocating them into the lounge room where the whole family can enjoy the best of style, comfort, and even the colour therapy associated with our couches. Other mums are using them as a handy extension to their current sofa, or as a temporary set up for movie nights, and some knew from the very beginning how perfect they’d be as a multi-use lounge room couch.

“We live in an apartment without a ton of space, so we replaced our couch with two sets of Funsquare play couches and are so glad we did! Our little one loves playing with itt everyday.”

- Emily R

We can't be happier with our play couch. The boys love it, and we love it! It's great for play but also setting up in front of the TV for movie nights (for kids or adults). Looking forward to purchasing some add -ons for Christmas”

- Janine G

Funsquare Play Couches will support kids (and adults) of all sizes!

People often mistake our play couches for kid-only designs. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we keep kids' play, safety and development in mind, but we don’t compromise on quality and comfort to do this.

In fact, we believe that by making Funsquare play couches that support the weight of an adult, you can rest-assure that it’ll be ready for whatever Daredevil-adventure your kid has planned for it! 

It also ensures that this timeless, long-lasting product will grow with your kids. It’s perfectly safe and supportive for even the youngest child, ideal for the play and growth of your older primary kids, and will still be a perfectly-functional and inspirational couch once they become young adults and need their own space to kick-back and relax. We can imagine they’ll still build a fort out of it every now and then too… 

They’re toddler, baby and kid proof indeed!

We’ve even heard that some adults are finding the Funsquare play couch a little more supportive than they would have thought…

“We have had this playcouch for more than a month now and it just keeps adding value! Not only do the kids love building and playacting with it, my husband has found that sleeping on it helped his sprained back, because he says it's just the right amount of firm and give. Even my son asks if he can sleep in the living room because it helps him fall asleep quicker to sleep on the thick base. We set it up for movie night every weekend and it's so comfy as an extension of our sofa. The quality is top-notch and service by Andrew when I was ordering was fabulous too. Definitely money well and happily spent.”

- Sharon C

“Our little girl adores her Funsquare, the colours and options make it a fun vibe that can grow with us!”

- Courtney M

Funsquare play couches will support the weight of adults and kids alike making them perfect for all ages (and as the lounge room statement!)

Funsquare Play Couches stand the test of time for all uses 

Our Funsquare kids play couches are timeless in style, design and versatility. But the thing about these lounge room additions is that they’ll last for years to come. come. 

They’re made from premium quality Australian foam and a super-soft water-resistant imported microsuede fabric that’ll save you from spills and wear and tear (and is also pet-friendly!!). You can easily spot clean with baby wipes or give it a quick cold machine wash - that’s all the maintenance it’ll need!

All materials used in the creation of these play couches are soft and kind to little ones’ skin, but they’re also durable and dependable, built to last, carefully tested to pass the highest quality standard, and even come with a one year warranty to prove it. This modular design features small, lightweight manoeuvrable pieces that will never squash little ones either!

It really is the best of all worlds and we understand that it makes a huge difference to kids too. Whether they’re an adventurous superhero, in-need of an obstacle course, or ready to crash after a hard day - they provide all the comfort and security needed for all activities.  

You also don’t have to worry about replacing these items every few months. Which means opting for a Funsquare play couch as the centrepiece in your lounge room can be much more rewarding and affordable than you may think.

Just look at the kind of love this Funsquare play sofa is getting! You almost wouldn’t believe it just converted right back to a play couch without anyone knowing the difference…

Our Funsquare play couches are built to last, making them the perfect addition to your lounge and life

Should we remind you about what Sharon C said above in regard to her husband finding that sleeping on it helped his sprained back, with the perfect amount of firm and give? We think that’s pretty telling of the quality you’re dealing with here!

My son loves using it as a slope or rocking hard back and forth on the folding circle. The Funsquare holds up really well even with my husband and I sitting on it. Excellent quality and very pleased.”

- Jessica A

Perfect for our grandchildren. They play with it every time they visit. It’s even comfy for Adults to sit on when playing with the kids. Easily moves around the house to suit the purpose.”

- Carolyn


The best part about these soft play couches for children? They’re also NDIS-friendly sofas, meaning you can claim this open-ended play piece with your funding here!

Funsquare play couches are the perfect addition to any room, including the lounge room. Though this popular playroom addition is known as a kid-friendly design, it functions exceptionally for all ages, will last the test of time, and can easily be customised to suit your exact style.

It’s a must-have that Aussie mums in every state are falling in love with, and for good reason too! If you’re considering investing in a comfortable and imaginative addition to your home, check out our Funsquare play couch here or explore the full range of play and home products available now.