NDIS-Approved Furniture for Kids

NDIS-Approved Furniture for Kids

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When it comes to purchasing furniture for children with special needs, it’s important to find the kind of products that are designed with both safety and accessibility in mind. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an Australian government scheme that provides funding for people with disabilities to purchase equipment - including furniture - that will enhance and benefit lives. 

And at Funsquare, we have the NDIS-approved play couch designed with kids’ open-ended and beneficial play in mind. These innovative couches are designed to provide comfort, support and sensory input for children with special needs, while also being stylish and practical enough for everyday use. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of NDIS-approved furniture for kids, how Funsquare Play Couches meet those standards and how you can secure the best NDIS-approved furniture for your kids. 


Importance of NDIS-approved furniture for kids

The NDIS may fund support for children, families and carers required as a direct result of their child’s disability. These supports help families and carers maintain their role, community participation, and can include therapeutic and behavioural supports, additional respite, aids and equipment. 

NDIS-approved furniture ensures that children with special needs can have access to safe, quality and beneficial furniture that is specifically designed to help them improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being without limitations. 

It’s all about being accessible, easily adapted to meet the needs of the child, and providing adequate support and comfort to help prevent injury, alleviate pain and improve posture. Furniture that incorporates sensory input can help children regulate their emotions, improve their focus and reduce anxiety. It’s important in ensuring that kids have access to the right equipment they need to thrive, so both the parent and the child can experience the best possible care and environment. 


Benefits of Funsquare Play Couches

Funsquare play couches have a number of developmental benefits that make them perfect for kids under an NDIS plan


Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie Made kids play couch, designed with kids play in mind. Our priority is to create great quality products that are safe and multi-FUNctional, with a wide range of addons to spark children’s creativity and imagination. It’s not just a super comfortable play sofa or open play toy, but both. 

We love to brag about our unique customisation process, the easy-to-clean nature of all our products, the wide range of colours to choose from, our happiness guarantee and all the many positive reviews we've received from thrilled parents. 

But the real reason Funsquare play couches are so loved is that the benefits of open-ended play feel endless when it comes to children’s development. 

Funsquare play couches can help children develop early cognitive skills, improve motor functions, provide sensory experiences, sharpen children’s social skills and so much more. And they’ve been developed to be the right amount of durable, dependable, while still being soft on skin and risk-free!

You can learn more about all the benefits of Funsquare play couches here


How Funsquare Play Couches meet NDIS standards

The NDIS offers support funding which allows your child to access the appropriate equipment for their health and development, funding toys or play activities that have been purpose-designed to:

  • Improve confidence
  • Teach appropriate social skills and behaviour
  • Help regular emotions

Considering that Funsquare play couches are purposely-designed with a variety of benefits that cover this criteria and are made from ultra safe and comfortable materials, it’s no wonder they’ve received the go-ahead from NDIS funding. 

It all started when we heard so many inspiring stories about how Funsquare Play Sofas have helped children develop and inspire movement and open play. So, we decided to make our play furniture as accessible to families as possible, teaming up with the NDIS to bring you the best of open-ended play - affordably and easily.


Funsquare play couches are the perfect piece of furniture for kids under NDIS


Obtaining a Funsquare Play Couch under NDIS support

We heard many inspiring stories about how Funsquare Play Sofas have helped children develop, inspire movement and encourage open play. So, to make it as easy as possible to claim your Funsquare through NDIS, we’ve developed this really simple form here

All you need to do is fill it out, and we’ll send out an invoice within 24 hours!

It makes the whole process of obtaining beneficial play furniture for your little one as easy as possible, so all you have to do is share the fun with your kids!


“We gave our daughter the rose pink play pit for her first birthday, none of her other gifts even got a look in! She is absolutely obsessed and we can't get her out of it! Thanks so much Funsquare for an amazing product! 😍”

~ Alanah


“They play with it all the time and the couch has been an absolute savior in this wet weather. And has saved the little one falling off the couch all the time. We often wedge the couch up against our couch and it makes for a bug soft play area for them.” 


“We love it! My son (1 year old) climbs up and sits on the couch himself to read books. He loves playing on the builds we make him. It is our new favourite toy. We use it every day!” 

~ Chevelle

If you’re looking for NDIS-approved furniture for kids, Funsquare has you covered with our Play Couches. All our products are designed with kids’ play in mind, so are carefully manufactured to be the perfect blend of safe, stimulating, soft, durable, dependable and created to the highest quality standards.


Secure a Fusnquare play couch today to secure one of the best NDIS-approved furniture pieces for kids of all ages and needs


They’re ideal for providing sensory input for children with special needs, while also being stylish and multi-FUNctional enough for everyday use. 

You can arrange your NDIS-approved Funsquare via this link, but if you’d like to explore all the specs on our Play Couches - or would like to bring one home for yourself, not under the NDIS - learn more here.