The Benefits of Open-Ended Play with Funsquare

The Benefits of Open-Ended Play with Funsquare

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Funsquare is Australia’s first fully customisable Aussie Made kids play couchdesigned with kids play in mind. Our priority is to create great quality products that are safe and multi-FUNctional, with a wide range of addons to spark children’s creativity and imagination. It’s not just a super comfortable play sofa or open play toy, but both!

Aussie parents across the nation are falling in love with our unique range of open-ended play products for a multitude of reasons. We love to brag about our unique customisation process, the easy-to-clean nature of all our products, our happiness guarantee and all the positive reviews we’ve received.

But the real reason behind what we do is simple: the benefits of open-ended play feel endless when it comes to children’s development.

And our goal is to make these open-ended play products not just accessible, but fun, easy, affordable and beneficial for the whole family too. 

If you’re considering investing in a play product from Funsquare, this is the blog you need. You’ll learn all the benefits of what open-ended play can do for your little ones, giving you the inside scoop into exactly why we do what we do. 

Open-ended play develops early cognitive skills

Funsquare play products are designed to boost your kids early cognitive development

Play promotes healthy development and critical thinking skills according to HeathlineIt can reinforce memory, helps children understand cause and effect and, according to Myra Mendez, it can help children explore the world and their role in it. 

It encourages kids to reason and self-regulate, ignites their imagination and creativity and helps them practice skills such as memory, attention and perception. They also have the opportunity to develop their language and communication skills as they interact with others during play, or even when they run back to their parents with a number of fun stories to tell. 

And the best part about Funsquare’s open-ended play range is that there is no limit to how our play couches and other add ons can be used. This means limitless playing potential, limitless possibilities, and limitless development of cognitive skills for all ages. 

Improves motor functions and provides sensory experiences

Funsquare open-ended play products improve motor functions and provides sensory experiences

Physically, open-ended play benefits children in a number of ways. Namely, it aids in the development of their fine and gross motor skills. 

Motor skills are their predetermined actions that involve your child’s movement, and open-ended sensory play encourages children to move and participate in play, often using repetitive movements that contribute to the understanding of spatial relations, motor planning skills, and supports balance and dexterity. 

And our Funsquare play couches are perfectly designed to encourage this physical development in kids of all ages. They’re not only specifically designed with children’s safety and play in mind, their modular design also consists of small, lightweight, maneuverable pieces that will never squash little ones. They’re easy to recalibrate, sturdy and comfortable to rest on, and still ideal for improving motor function and providing sensory experience. 

Helps kids sharpen their social skills

As mentioned early, open-ended play can help develop children’s language and communication skills, but it can also benefit their overall social skills too.

A Funsquare play couch will help build your child's social skills so they can work with others, and themselves

Play helps children learn to interact with others. They learn an understanding of social expectations and rules, and play provides the opportunity for them to not only share thoughts, listen and compromise, but it also helps them put themselves in another position. During pretend play, your child may become a shop keeper or a high-speed racer, which actually helps them gain skills in understanding how another person may feel or behave in different situations. 

At Funsquare, our play couches are perfect for setting up a number of pretend play settings, and our Pretend Play Scene product is another big hit for this one! 

Every product at Funsquare is designed with kids' play in mind and we put a lot of research into making the highest-quality play product that checks all the boxes. Not only do our play couches and other add-ons encourage open-ended play and stimulate development of all kinds, they’re also the answer you need to a cluttered toy box.

You don’t need to worry about the pile of toys on the floor, the hundred different wood blocks that only ever get phased out once they get “bored” of them. With Funsquare, you’ll have no trouble putting your kids to bed at night after a big day of playing, and they’ll never get tired of figuring out new builds they can make. 

They’re a hit across Australia and we provide a 100% Happiness Guarantee to prove just how beneficial these kids play couches really are. 

If you’re considering investing in a Funsquare Play Couch today, enjoy free shipping on your order now or explore our full range of open-ended play products today.

“This is honestly the most used thing I have bought. Both my boys (5 and 1yrs) love it. They jump non stop and also love to kick back. It’s big enough that I can sit comfortably with both. So happy with our purchase.”
~ Dimity
“Awesome products the fabric is so soft and the range is so good, kids love them.”
~ Michelle

“I absolutely love our Funsquare play sofa. It has been used so much more than any of the kids' new toys from Christmas. My 1.5 yr old and 4.5 yr old absolutely love it.”
~ Sarah