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  • Funsquare® Crash Pad™

    Kids’ Crash Pad Crash pads provide a unique sensory experience for children, allowing them to gain proprioceptive input through activities such as squishing, jumping, and crashing; tactile input through rolling...

    Starting at $199.00

  • add-on

    Funsquare® Cylinder Pillow Set

    Our cylinder cushions are one of our most exciting additions to the standard kid’s playroom couch set. Use them as wheels on a race car, become a gladiator warrior or use...

    Starting at $119.00

  • Funsquare® Dots

    The Dots range is available in all 14 of our fun colour range and are a great addition to your Funsquare collection! Are they wheels? Are they drums? Stepping stones? A...

    Starting at $25.00

  • Funsquare® Cuboid Pillow Set

      Our Cuboids make the perfect armrest when they are not being used for new and exciting builds! Great as pillars to support your cubby house, railway tracks for your train or...

    Starting at $119.00

  • Funsquare® Half Trapezium Pillow Set

    Similar to the Trapezium Pillow but halved (duh!), our Half Trapezium Pillow adds even more options to your builds. With one flat side, the Half Trapezium fits perfectly against any wall...

    Starting at $119.00

  • Funsquare® Chill Pad™

    Kids’ Chill Pad The smaller version of our most popular and original Crash Pad. The Chill Pad is perfect for use as a comfy cushion to sit on and read, for...

    Starting at $99.00

  • Funsquare® Round Cushions

    This cushion range is available in 6 fun cushion designs and is a great addition to your Funsquare collection! Funsquare has collaborated with local Australian designer, Shannon Berg from Isla Dream,...

    Starting at $29.00