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    Funsquare® Customised Kids Play Couch

    Our Build a Funsquare® program is a virtual 3D interactive experience that allows you to create your own ideal Play Couch.   Individually change, add or take away colours and...

    Starting at $449.00

  • Funsquare® Folding Slope

    Our multi-functional slope for climbing and sliding, which can also be folded into a rectangle block for even more build ideas! Slope Product Dimensions: 80cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 49cm(H) Rectangle Block...

    Starting at $199.00

  • Funsquare® Folding Circle

    Our Folding Circle has so many uses, great for expanding your builds or perhaps use it like a 'rocking horse'! A very comfortably seat on the floor or put against...

    Starting at $199.00

  • Funsquare® Half Trapezium Pillow Set

    Similar to the Trapezium Pillow but halved (duh!), our Half Trapezium Pillow adds even more options to your builds. With one flat side, the Half Trapezium fits perfectly against any wall...

    Starting at $119.00

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    Funsquare® Play Pit

    Made from 2 x Rectangular Bases and 1 x Square Base, it not only forms a sturdy Play Pit (with hidden Velcro) but can also convert into a mini Funsquare®...

    Starting at $299.00

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    Funsquare® Kids Play Couch Sets

      Kids Play Couch Sets Funsquare® multifunctional play couch sets are fantastic fun for playtime. They’re also beautifully crafted with long-lasting materials, so you can ensure your play couch set...

    Starting at $449.00