Why Every Aussie Child Needs a Funsquare Chill Pad

Why Every Aussie Child Needs a Funsquare Chill Pad

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The thing about play is that every single child needs it, no exceptions. And, sure, we love knowing that our Australian made and loved kids’ play couches make a unique difference to the lives of little ones, but when space is limited, an added layer of safety is required, or when playtime is simply over, you may need something a little different. 

Something that provides a unique sensory experience for children, great for kids with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or any sensorimotor dysfunction. 

Something safe for all ages, all needs, and will make them feel super soft and squishy inside. 

And we’re excited to introduce our latest addition: the Funsquare Chill Pad! Here’s why every Aussie child needs one in their lives!


Introducing: The Australian-made Funsquare Chill Pad

You know our Funsquare Crash Pad? Renowned for being the perfect “crash landing” during play, great on its own or when teamed up with a play couch wonderland. 

“Wow, this has been the best addition.  They LOVE the Crash Pad. It's so big and soft. They spend ages just jumping off the couch onto it.”

~ Bec

Well, this new Chill Pad is the smaller (and more travel-friendly) version of this popular and original Crash Pad! This new pad is perfect for use as a comfy cushion to sit and read on, to transport to the family picnic, or for a baby nest or even a pet bed (yep, fur babies are real babies too!)

They’re made from high-quality cushion material to prevent kids from getting hurt, available in all 17 of our Funsquare colours (that’s ALL the colours of the rainbow!). It creates the perfect spot to rest and relax after a big day of play and is an awesome addition to your collection!


The Australian-made Funsquare Chill Pad


Why every Aussie child needs a Funsquare Chill Pad in their life

So, why is it we think that every Australian child deserves a Funsquare Chill Pad in their lives? There really are limitless reasons for why these are a gem for any child, but here’s some of our most popular reasons!


  • Great for travelling with

Notice the little handle on these Funsquare Chill Pads? What about the convenient side and shape of these cushions?

We’ve designed our Chill Pads to be a seamless travel companion. They’re great for family picnics - where you know the little ones will get a bit restless and need a comfy spot to sit - for family vacations and even better for camping!

We noticed how much parents and kids LOVED our Crash Pads, so the entire reason we designed this travel-friendly, smaller Chill Pad is to level up the comfort experience, no matter where life takes you. 

Psst! We also think it’s a great way for kids to be held accountable for their own belongings. If they want to bring it along to their sleepover? They’ll have no trouble carrying these new additions on their own! Meaning they can have the comfort they want and have control over how they do it!


Just look how easy these Chill Pads are to carry for little ones!


  • Ideal for any child with sensorimotor dysfunction

As earlier mentioned, our Chill Pads provide a unique sensory experience for children. It allows them to gain proprioceptive input through activities such as squishing, jumping and crashing; tactile input through rolling and vestibular input. It’s a versatile tool that’s one of our very favourite pieces of sensory equipment. 

They’re made from crumbed premium quality Australian foam and encased in a special fabric liner with a safety zipper that can be easily hidden away. The covers are water-resistant treated imported microsuede fabric, and all materials used in this Chill Pad are soft and kind to little ones’ skin, while still being durable and dependable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. 

They’re super safe and beneficial for the development of all kids, but those with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other sensorimotor dysfunctions will have a lot to gain from this playroom addition … 


  • The whole family can love them 

Yes, these Chill Pads might be small, but their capabilities are mighty! While the Funsquare Chill Pad is any Aussie kid's dream, they’re also a dream to parents, babies, and even the pets of your family!

Parents have been bringing them along for picnics, only to discover they’re pretty comfy for themselves to lean on after a few hours outdoors. And on beach days when the kids run off to go swim? There’s nothing nicer than propping yourself up with a good book on one of these Chill Pads

They’re also a great baby nest for your ulta-little ones, and we’ve seen a number of pets that LOVE the chance to snooze on this super-soft cushion!


The whole family will love this Chill Pad including fur babies AND babies


It means that any purchase of our Australian made Chill Pads goes that much further … 


  • Super versatile and multi-FUNctional!

One of the best parts about these Chill Pads is just how versatile they are. Like everything at Funsquare, you have more ways to play with this play product. It can be a cushion, a soft crash pad, a magic cloud floating in the sky, a baby nest or possibly even the one safe spot when the floor turns into lava … 

It gives you more ways to play and means that your investment in this comfy, sensory input will give you way more bang for your buck!


Just look how incredible this Funsquare Chill Pad is for little ones!


But that’s just a handful of reasons why every Aussie child deserves a Funsquare Chill Pad in their lives! Since releasing them in late June, we’ve heard so many good things about these new additions and we can’t believe the response they’ve warranted in families across Australia. 

The best part is that these Chill Pads are ultra affordable and, if you’re interested in getting a few - whether that’s one for each kid, everyone in the family, or just one in a few of their favourite colours - you’ll be able to make it happen easily. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own Australian made and loved Funsquare Chill Pad today with Afterpay! And while you’re there? Take a gander at all our new additions that just launched at Funsquare

“I just want to give a huge shoutout to Funsquare I have had 3 of their couches plus multiple add ons in my home for over 1.5 years now and their products are beautiful! And so tough! Any issue I’ve had their customer service is outstanding and they have fixed the problem. Highly recommend!”

~ Amzie