Waterproof Liner

Funsquare Sofa Set Waterproof Liner

**This is a pre-order item and will dispatch Mid-November.

**If you would like your order delayed for Christmas, please leave a note at checkout or e-mail us at hello@funsquare.com.au once you've placed your order

Although our fabric is specially treated to have incredible water resistance for those undeniable spills, for that extra piece of mind there is our waterproof liner to ensure 100% protection for your Funsquare Sofa!

Comes in 6 pieces!

Product dimensions

2 pieces of 80cm(W) x 80cm(L) x 14cm(H)

2 pieces of80cm(W) x 80cm(L) x 7cm(H)  

2 pieces of 40cm(W) x 60cm(L) x 29cm(H)


*Note: The waterproof liner will need to be manually put on your Funsquare Play Sofa when it arrives as it cannot be compressed for transport.


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