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"Our kids (and I) love our Funsquare so much! It has been such a game changer for our playroom as it keeps the kids busy literally ALL DAY." - Maxie L.


Four piece multi-functional kids play sofa covers: 1x thick base, 1x thin base and 2x trapezium pillows.


Thick Base  

Undoubtedly the backbone and foundation of all good builds, our Thick Base foam has been designed with the optimal density and hardness ratio to provide the best support for open ended play. 

Thin Base 

Is it a cave? A hammock? A slide? Let your imagination run wild with the versatile design of the Thin Base. The Thin Base is exactly half the thickness of the Thick Base to allow for greater user flexibility and creative use. 

Trapezium Pillows 

Our Trapezium Pillows provide the ultimate building blocks and support to create exciting new builds. Featuring a sturdy base and angled surfaces, these pillows will excel in providing sloped environments and back support for seating. 

Product dimensions

1x Thick Base: 80cm(W) x 160cm(L) x 14cm(H) / 4.30kg

1x Thin Base: 80cm(W) x 160cm(L) x 7cm(H) / 2.14kg 

2x Trapezium Pillows: 40cm(W) x 60cm(L) x 28cm(H) / 1.34kg


Play Furniture
Made in Australia, the best quality and the ultimate Play Sofa and pillows by Funsquare. The best kids bedroom furniture and couch for your home! Great for creative, interactive and open ended play.

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